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13-Oct-2023A hydrophilic polyimidazolium antibiotic targeting the membranes of Gram-negative bacteriaChen, Yahua ; Yong, Melvin ; Li, Ming; Si, Zhangyong; Koh, Chong Hui; Lau, Pearlyn; Chang, Yi Wei; Teo, Jeanette; Chan-Park, Mary B; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
231-Aug-2023Acquisition of regulator on virulence plasmid of hypervirulent Klebsiella allows bacterial lifestyle switch in response to ironChu, Wilson HW ; Tan, Yi Han ; Tan, Si Yin ; Chen, Yahua ; Yong, Melvin ; Lye, David C ; Kalimuddin, Shirin ; Archuleta, Sophia ; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
37-Jul-2020Bacterial-induced cell fusion is a danger signal triggering cGAS-STING pathway via micronuclei formationKu, Joanne Wei Kay ; Chen, Yahua ; Lim, Bryan Jian Wei; Gasser, Stephan; Crasta, Karen Carmelina ; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
420-Jan-2020Cell envelope defects of different capsule-null mutants in K1 hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae can affect bacterial pathogenesisTan, Yi Han ; Chen, Yahua ; Chu, Wilson HW; Sham, Lok-To ; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
52014Characterization and analysis of the Burkholderia pseudomallei BsaN virulence regulonChen Y. ; Schröder I.; French C.T.; Jaroszewicz A.; Yee X.J.; Teh B.-E. ; Toesca I.J.; Miller J.F.; Gan Y.-H. 
6Mar-2024Discovery of Broad-Spectrum Repurposed Drug Combinations Against Carbapenem-Resistant <i>Enterobacteriaceae</i> (CRE) Through Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven PlatformLi, Ming; You, Kui; Wang, Peter ; Hooi, Lissa ; Chen, Yahua ; Siah, Anqi; Tan, Shi-Bei ; Teo, Jeanette; Ng, Oon-Tek ; Marimuthu, Kalisvar ; Venkatachalam, Indumathi ; Blasiak, Agata ; Chow, Edward Kai-Hua ; Ho, Dean ; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
71-Aug-2022Dominant CarbapenemaseEncoding Plasmids in Clinical Enterobacterales Isolates and Hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae, SingaporeYong, Melvin; Chen, Yahua ; Oo, Guodong ; Chang, Kai Chirng; Chu, Wilson HW ; Teo, Jeanette; Venkatachalam, Indumathi ; Thevasagayam, Natascha May ; Sridatta, Prakki S Rama ; Koh, Vanessa; Marcoleta, Andres E; Chen, Hanrong; Nagarajan, Niranjan ; Kalisvar, Marimuthu ; Ng, Oon Tek ; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
82015Extended loop region of Hcp1 is critical for the assembly and function of type VI secretion system in Burkholderia pseudomalleiLim, Y.T ; Jobichen, C ; Wong, J ; Limmathurotsakul, D; Li, S; Chen, Y ; Raida, M ; Srinivasan, N; Macary, P.A ; Sivaraman, J ; Gan, Y.-H 
922-Mar-2022Glutathione catabolism by Enterobacteriaceae species to hydrogen sulphide adversely affects the viability of host systems in the presence of 5 ' fluorodeoxyuridineLim, Daniel Rui Xiang ; Chen, Yahua ; Ng, Li Fang; Gruber, Jan ; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
102010Identification of tomato plant as a novel host model for Burkholderia pseudomalleiLee, Y.H.; Chen, Y. ; Gan, Y.-H. ; Ouyang, X.
112014Type three secretion system-mediated escape of Burkholderia pseudomallei into the host cytosol is critical for the activation of NF?§BTeh B.E. ; French C.T.; Chen Y. ; Chen I.G.J.; Wu T.-H.; Sagullo E.; Chiou P.-Y.; Teitell M.A.; Miller J.F.; Gan Y.-H.