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Keng Hock, Mark Goh
Goh, M.
Goh, Mark
Goh, Mark K.h.
Goh, K. H.M.
Goh, Mark K.H.
Goh, M.
Goh, K. H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020A Comparative Survey on Silicon Based and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)-Based RFID Tags: Potentials, Challenges, and Future DirectionsSuresh, K.; Jeoti, V.; Soeung, S.; Drieberg, M.; Goh, M. ; Aslam, M.Z.
22012A continuous time model for multiple yard crane scheduling with last minute job arrivalsLi, W.; Goh, M. ; Wu, Y.; Petering, M.E.H.; De Souza, R.; Wu, Y.C.
325-Jul-2023A dynamic trust network and influence measure-based consensus model for large-scale group decision-making with incomplete intuitionistic fuzzy preference relationsKaixin Gong; Weimin Ma; Wenjing Lei; Mark Goh 
42020A multi-criteria decision-making method based on single-valued neutrosophic partitioned heronian mean operatorTian, C.; Peng, J.J.; Zhang, Z.Q.; Goh, M. ; Wang, J.Q.
5Jul-2011A new hybridmethod for nonlinear complementarity problemsQu, S.-J.; Goh, M. ; Zhang, X.
69-Jan-2023A New Job Priority Rule for the NEH-based heuristic to Minimize Makespan in Permutation FlowshopsJiang-Hua Zhang; Son Duy Dao; Wei Zhang; Mark Goh ; Guodong Yu; Yan Jin; Weibo Liu
72013A new two-party bargaining mechanismGu, Y.H.; Goh, M. ; Chen, Q.L.; Souza, R.D.; Tang, G.C.
82020A Note on Two-Stage Fuzzy Location Problems under VaR Criterion with Irregular Fuzzy VariablesWang, K.; Wang, Y.; Yang, Y.; Goh, M. 
913-Feb-2020A Novel Kano-QFD-DEMATEL Approach to Optimize the Risk Resilience Solution for Sustainable Supply ChainLina He ; Zhenyong Wu ; Wei Xiang ; Mark Goh ; Zhitao Xu; Wenyan Song; X.G. Ming; Xiao Wu
101999A quality roadmap of a restructured hospitalChow-Chua, C.F.P.; Goh, M. 
112007A resource planning model for professional services organizationsGoh, M. ; Balaji, K. ; DeSouza, R.; Eck, B.T.; Hu, J.; Ray, B.
12Oct-2011A smoothing sample average approximation method for stochastic optimization problems with CVaR risk measureMeng, F. ; Sun, J. ; Goh, M. 
132007A stochastic model for risk management in global supply chain networksGoh, M. ; Lim, J.Y.S.; Meng, F.
142009A stochastic model for supply chain risk management using conditional value at riskGoh, M. ; Meng, F. 
152010A sustainable green supply chain for globally integrated networksSundarakani, B.; De Souza, R.; Goh, M. ; Van Over, D.; Manikandan, S.; Koh, S.C.L.
166-Jul-2021Agent-based approach to configure processes in iran’s banking service supply chainJalilian, Negar; Mahmoud Zanjirchi, Seyed; Sadrabadi, Alireza Naser; Asgharpourmasouleh, Ahmadreza; Goh, Mark 
17Jan-2014Aligning supply chain strategy with corporate environmental strategy: A contingency approachWu, T.; Jim Wu, Y.-C.; Chen, Y.J.; Goh, M. 
181-Jan-2014An effective mathematical formulation for the unidirectional cluster-based quay crane scheduling problemChen, J.H.; Lee, D.-H. ; Goh, M. 
192011An integrated model for performance management of manufacturing unitsParthiban, P.; Goh, M. 
202013An interactive decision support method for measuring risk in a complex supply chain under uncertaintyZhang, A.N.; Goh, M. ; Terhorst, M.; Lee, A.J.L.; Pham, M.T.