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Der-Horng Lee
Lee, D.-H
Lee, D.H.
Lee, D.-H.
Lee, Der Horng
Lee, Der-Horng
Lee, D.
Der-Horng Lee

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004A Bi-level programming approach to optimizing a logistic distribution network with balanced workloadLiu, N.; Huang, B. ; Lee, D.-H. 
22004A bilevel programming approach to simultaneously estimate O-D matrix and calibrate link travel time functions from observed link flowsMeng, Q. ; Lee, D.-H. ; Cheu, R.L. 
3Jul-2010A collaborative multiagent taxi-dispatch systemSeow, K.T.; Dang, N.H.; Lee, D.-H. 
4Feb-2013A column generation based approach for the Train Network Design Optimization problemJin, J.G.; Zhao, J.; Lee, D.-H. 
5Jan-2012A combinatorial benders' cuts algorithm for the quayside operation problem at container terminalsChen, J.H.; Lee, D.-H. ; Cao, J.X.
623-May-2003A conjugate gradient projection algorithm for the traffic assignment problemLee, D.-H. ; Nie, Y.; Chen, A.
7Oct-2008A Decision Support Method for Truck Scheduling and Storage Allocation Problem at ContainerCao, J.; Shi, Q.; Lee, D.-H. 
81-Jun-2002A framework for parallel traffic simulation using multiple instancing of a simulation programLee, D.-H. ; Chandrasekar, P. 
9Sep-2009A heuristic algorithm for yard truck scheduling and storage allocation problemsLee, D.-H. ; Cao, J.X.; Shi, Q.; Chen, J.H.
10May-2008A heuristic approach to logistics network design for end-of-lease computer products recoveryLee, D.-H. ; Dong, M.
112011A service-oriented model for the yard management problem in container terminalsJin, J.G.; Cao, J.X.; Chen, J.H.; Lee, D.-H. 
122006A stochastic approach for product recovery network design under uncertaintyDong, M.; Lee, D.-H. 
132011A study of real time security monitoring of commercial vehicles using a microscopic traffic simulation modelWang, H.; Cheu, R.; Lee, D.H. 
142001Accelerating strategies and computational studies of the Frank-Wolfe algorithm for the traffic assignment problemLee, D.-H. ; Nie, Y.
15Dec-2010An approximation algorithm for quay crane scheduling with handling priority in port container terminalsLee, D.-H. ; Wang, H.Q.
162001An arterial speed estimation model fusing data from stationary and mobile sensorsCheu, R.L. ; Lee, D.-H. ; Xie, C.
171-Jan-2014An effective mathematical formulation for the unidirectional cluster-based quay crane scheduling problemChen, J.H.; Lee, D.-H. ; Goh, M. 
18Jan-2010An improved approach for quay crane scheduling with non-crossing constraintsLee, D.-H. ; Chen, J.H.
192015An integrated Bayesian approach for passenger flow assignment in metro networksSunSun, Lijun; Lu, Yang; Jin, Jiangang; Lee, Der-Horng ; Axhausen, Kay W.
202004Analysis of factors affecting truck travel times under ATIS environmentNg, S.T.; Cheu, R.L. ; Lee, D.-H.