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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jul-2014A bi-objective optimization approach for exclusive bus lane selection and scheduling designKhoo, H.L.; Teoh, L.E.; Meng, Q. 
22004A bilevel programming approach to simultaneously estimate O-D matrix and calibrate link travel time functions from observed link flowsMeng, Q. ; Lee, D.-H. ; Cheu, R.L. 
32010A chance constrained programming model for short-term liner ship fleet planning problemsMeng, Q. ; Wang, T.
4Jan-2012A computational model for the probit-based dynamic stochastic user optimal traffic assignment problemMeng, Q. ; Khoo, H.L.
5Jan-2009A decision support system for vehicle relocation operations in carsharing systemsKek, A.G.H.; Cheu, R.L.; Meng, Q. ; Fung, C.H. 
616-Apr-2020A discrete day-to-day link flow dynamic model considering travelers? heterogeneous inertia patternsBojian Zhou; Min Xu; Qiang Meng 
7Oct-2011A Genetic algorithm approach to assessing work zone casualty riskMeng, Q. ; Weng, J.
8Nov-2012A global optimization method for continuous network design problemsLi, C.; Yang, H.; Zhu, D.; Meng, Q. 
92013A note on "Berth allocation considering fuel consumption and vessel emissionsWang, S.; Meng, Q. ; Liu, Z.
10Dec-2011A note on liner ship fleet deploymentWang, S.; Wang, T.; Meng, Q. 
11Jan-2007A note on supply chain network equilibrium modelsMeng, Q. ; Huang, Y.K.; Cheu, R.L. 
12Jan-2010A novel modeling approach for the fleet deployment problem within a short-term planning horizonGelareh, S. ; Meng, Q. 
13Aug-2010A Pareto-optimization approach for a fair ramp meteringMeng, Q. ; Khoo, H.L.
14Jul-2011A probabilistic quantitative risk assessment model for fire in road tunnels with parameter uncertaintyMeng, Q. ; Qu, X. 
15Nov-2010A probabilistic quantitative risk assessment model for the long-term work zone crashesMeng, Q. ; Weng, J.; Qu, X. 
16Jul-2011A scenario-based dynamic programming model for multi-period liner ship fleet planningMeng, Q. ; Wang, T.
172015A tailored branch-and-price approach for a joint tramp ship routing and bunkering problemMeng, Qiang ; Wang, Shuaian; Lee, Chungyee
18Dec-2011An improved cellular automata model for heterogeneous work zone trafficMeng, Q. ; Weng, J.
192006An MPEC model for the optimal contraflow operation problem with user equilibrium constraintsMeng, Q. ; Khoo, H.L.; Huang, Y.K.; Cheu, R.L. 
20Mar-2012An Overview of Maritime Waterway Quantitative Risk Assessment ModelsLi, S. ; Meng, Q. ; Qu, X.