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Cheu Ruey Long @Khoo Swee Leng
(not current staff)
Cheu, R.L.
Long Cheu, R.
Cheu, R.-L.
Cheu, Ruey-Long
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004A bilevel programming approach to simultaneously estimate O-D matrix and calibrate link travel time functions from observed link flowsMeng, Q. ; Lee, D.-H. ; Cheu, R.L. 
22002A hybrid genetic algorithm-parallel simulation model for lane closure schedulingMa, W.; Cheu, R.L. 
3Jan-2007A note on supply chain network equilibrium modelsMeng, Q. ; Huang, Y.K.; Cheu, R.L. 
64Mar-2005Adaptive neural network models for automatic incident detection on freewaysSrinivasan, D. ; Jin, X.; Cheu, R.L. 
52001An arterial speed estimation model fusing data from stationary and mobile sensorsCheu, R.L. ; Lee, D.-H. ; Xie, C.
62006An MPEC model for the optimal contraflow operation problem with user equilibrium constraintsMeng, Q. ; Khoo, H.L.; Huang, Y.K.; Cheu, R.L. 
72004Analysis of factors affecting truck travel times under ATIS environmentNg, S.T.; Cheu, R.L. ; Lee, D.-H. 
8Mar-2002Application of NETSIM in modeling B-signalsChin, H.C. ; Cheu, R.L. ; Chandrasekar, P. 
92002Arterial travel time estimation using SCATS detectorsCheu, R.L. ; Liu, Q.; Lee, D.-H. 
10Dec-1995Automated detection of lane-blocking freeway incidents using artificial neural networksCheu, R.L. ; Ritchie, S.G.
111-Aug-2000Automated fault detection in power distribution networks using a hybrid fuzzy-genetic algorithm approachSrinivasan, D. ; Cheu, R.L. ; Poh, Y.P.; Ng, A.K.C.
12Nov-2001Calibration-free arterial link speed estimation model using loop dataXie, C.; Cheu, R.L. ; Lee, D.-H. 
13Sep-2001Classification of freeway traffic patterns for incident detection using constructive probabilistic neural networksJin, X.; Srinivasan, D. ; Cheu, R.L. 
1416-Jul-2009Competitive facility location on decentralized supply chainsMeng, Q. ; Huang, Y.; Cheu, R.L. 
152002Cooperative learning hybrid agents for traffic management and controlChoy, M.C.; Srinivasan, D. ; Cheu, R.L. 
16Sep-2003Cooperative, hybrid agent architecture for real-time traffic signal controlChoy, M.C.; Srinivasan, D. ; Cheu, R.L. 
17Mar-2005Counting the different efficient paths for transportation networks and its applicationsMeng, Q. ; Lee, D.-H. ; Cheu, R.L. 
182001Customized simulation modeling using PARAMICS application programmer interfaceLee, D.-H. ; Chandrasekar, P. ; Cheu, R.-L. 
19Apr-2002Development and adaptation of constructive probabilistic neural network in freeway incident detectionJin, X.; Cheu, R.L. ; Srinivasan, D. 
201-Jun-2000Development of an intelligent technique for traffic network incident detectionSrinivasan, D. ; Cheu, R.L. ; Poh, Y.P.; Ng, A.K.C.