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Sun, J.


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12001A distributed multi-agent environment for product design and manufacturing planningSun, J. ; Zhang, Y.F. ; Nee, A.Y.C. 
22010A modified alternating direction method for convex quadratically constrained quadratic semidefinite programsSun, J. ; Zhang, S.
32002A multiple-cut analytic center cutting plane method for semidefinite feasibility problemsToh, K.-C. ; Zhao, G. ; Sun, J. 
42011A new constraint qualification and a second-order necessary optimality condition for mathematical programming problemsHe, Y.; Sun, J. 
52004A new decomposition technique in solving multistage stochastic linear programs by infeasible interior point methodsLiu, X. ; Sun, J. 
62005A non-interior continuation algorithm for the P0 or P * LCP with strong global and local convergence propertiesHuang, Z.-H.; Sun, J. 
72006A note on the Lipschitz continuity of the gradient of the squared norm of the matrix-valued Fischer-Burmeister functionSIM CHEE KHIAN ; Sun, J. ; Ralph, D.
82002A parametric approach for a nonlinear discrete location problemSun, J. ; Gu, Y.
91997A predictor-corrector algorithm for a class of nonlinear saddle point problemsSun, J. ; Zhu, J.; Zhao, G. 
101996A predictor-corrector method for extended linear-quadratic programmingSun, J. ; Zhu, J.
112000A quadratically convergent polynomial long-step algorithm for a class of nonlinear monotone complementarity problemsSun, J. ; Zhao, G. 
122004A robust primal-dual interior-point algorithm for nonlinear programsLiu, X. ; Sun, J. 
132006A robust SQP method for mathematical programs with linear complementarity constraintsLiu, X. ; Perakis, G.; Sun, J. 
141997A simplex method and its implementation for network piecewise linear programmingSun, J. ; Tsai, K.H.
152006A smoothing Newton algorithm for the LCP with a sufficient matrix that terminates finitely at a maximally complementary solutionSun, J. ; Huang, Z.-H.
16Oct-2011A smoothing sample average approximation method for stochastic optimization problems with CVaR risk measureMeng, F. ; Sun, J. ; Goh, M. 
172004A squared smoothing Newton method for nonsmooth matrix equations and its applications in semidefinite optimization problemsSun, J. ; Sun, D. ; Liqun, Q.I.
181994A trust region algorithm for minimization of locally Lipschitzian functionsQi, L.; Sun, J. 
19Apr-2013An alternating direction method for solving convex nonlinear semidefinite programming problemsZhang, S.; Ang, J. ; Sun, J. 
201998An analytic center based column generation algorithm for convex quadratic feasibility problemsLuo, Z.-Q.; Sun, J.