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Kun-Lin Yang
Kun-Lin, Y.
Yang, K.L.
Yang, K.-L.
Yang, Kun-Lin
Yang Kun Lin

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A Highly Efficient NADH-dependent Butanol Dehydrogenase from High-butanol-producing Clostridium sp. BOH3Rajagopalan, G.; He, J. ; Yang, K.-L. 
22013A liquid crystal biosensor for detecting organophosphates through the localized pH changes induced by their hydrolytic productsChen, C.-H. ; Yang, K.-L. 
315-Mar-2009A liquid crystal-based sensor for real-time and label-free identification of phospholipase-like toxins and their inhibitorsHartono, D. ; Lai, S.L.; Yang, K.-L. ; Yung, L.-Y.L. 
421-Aug-2008A method of obtaining high selectivity for copper ions on triglycine decorated surfacesBi, X. ; Heng, C.H.; Yang, K.-L. 
51-Jan-2011A method of printing uniform protein lines by using flat PDMS stampsZhang, W. ; Xue, C.-Y.; Yang, K.-L. 
6Nov-2010A new biomimetic interface: Liquid Crystal-supported mixed phospholipid/cholesterol monolayerHartono, D. ; Hody; Yang, K.L. ; Yung, L.Y.L. 
72008A new imaging tool for real-time and label-free monitoring of antigen-antibody binding events at biofunctionalized liquid crystal interfacesHartono, D. ; Yang, K.-L. ; Yung, L.-Y.L. 
82008A principle of detecting and differentiating dialdehydes from monoaldehydes by using surface reactions and liquid crystalsBi, X. ; Yang, K.-L. 
914-Feb-2008A principle of detecting and differentiating dialdehydes from monoaldehydes by using surface reactions and liquid crystalsBi, X. ; Yang, K.-L. 
102012Accelerating hydrolysis of cellulose and xylan to monosugars by using hydrolyzing enzymesYang, K.-L. ; Sutarlie, L. 
11Dec-2020Aerobic acetone-butanol-isopropanol (ABI) fermentation through a co-culture of Clostridium beijerinckii G117 and recombinant Bacillus subtilis 1A1Cui, Y.; He, J. ; Yang, K.-L. ; Zhou, K. 
129-Dec-2013Amplification of interference color by using liquid crystal for protein detectionZhu, Q.; Yang, K.-L. 
139-Oct-2008An air-supported liquid crystal system for real-time and label-free characterization of phospholipases and their inhibitorsHartono, D. ; Bi, X. ; Yang, K.-L. ; Yung, L.-Y.L. 
1419-Nov-2013Antibody-free detection of human chorionic gonadotropin by use of liquid crystalsDing, X.; Yang, K.-L. 
152015Applications of metal ions and liquid crystals for multiplex detection of DNALiu Yanyang ; Yang Kun Lin 
1613-May-2021Aptamer laden liquid crystals biosensing platform for the detection of HIV-1 glycoprotein-120Abbasi, Amna Didar; Hussain, Zakir; Yang, Kun-Lin 
17Jul-2009Bifunctional oligo(ethylene glycol) decorated surfaces which permit covalent protein immobilization and resist protein adsorptionBi, X. ; Xu, H. ; Lai, S.L.; Yang, K.-L. 
192020Bovine serum albumin protein-based liquid crystal biosensors for optical detection of toxic heavy metals in waterUl Amin, N.; Siddiqi, H.M.; Lin, Y.K. ; Hussain, Z.; Majeed, N.
2020-Jan-2021Catalytic Oxidation of Trypan Blue Using Copper Complexes and Hydrogen Peroxide Shows a Negative Reaction OrderHo, Wing Fat ; Le, Truc Nguyen ; Yang, Kun-Lin