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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006Carbon nanotube thermal transport: Ballistic to diffusiveWang, J. ; Wang, J.-S. 
21-Feb-2020Cobalt-containing covalent organic frameworks for visible light-driven hydrogen evolutionWang, Jian ; Zhang, Jian ; Peh, Shing Bo ; Liu, Guoliang ; Kundu, Tanay ; Dong, Jinqiao ; Ying, Yunpan ; Qian, Yuhong ; Zhao, Dan 
31-Jan-2019Dimensional Impact of Metal-Organic Frameworks in Catalyzing Photoinduced Hydrogen Evolution and Cyanosilylation ReactionsWang, Jian ; Zhang, Jian ; Peh, Shing Bo ; Zhai, Linzhi; Ying, Yunpan ; Liu, Guoliang ; Cheng, Youdong ; Zhao, Dan 
4May-2008Evanescent-coupled Ge p-i-n photodetectors on Si-waveguide with SEG-Ge and comparative study of lateral and vertical p-i-n configurationsWang, J. ; Loh, W.Y.; Chua, K.T.; Zang, H.; Xiong, Y.Z.; Loh, T.H.; Yu, M.B.; Lee, S.J. ; Lo, G.-Q.; Kwong, D.-L.
5Jan-2011Ge-photodetectors for Si-based optoelectronic integrationWang, J. ; Lee, S. 
61-Dec-2008High-speed metal-germanium-metal configured PIN-like Ge-photodetector under photovoltaic mode and with dopant-segregated Schottky-contact engineeringZang, H.; Lee, S. ; Yu, M.; Loh, W.Y.; Wang, J. ; Lo, G.-Q.; Kwong, D.-L.
72007Integration of tensile-strained Ge p-i-n photodetector on advanced CMOS platformWang, J. ; Loh, W.Y.; Zang, H.; Yu, M.B.; Chua, K.T.; Loh, T.H.; Ye, J.D.; Yang, R.; Wang, X.L.; Lee, S.J. ; Cho, B.J. ; Lo, G.Q.; Kwong, D.L.
8Sep-2008Low-voltage high-speed (18 GHz/1 V) evanescent-coupled thin-film-Ge lateral PIN photodetectors integrated on Si waveguideWang, J. ; Loh, W.Y.; Chua, K.T.; Zang, H.; Xiong, Y.Z.; Tan, S.M.F.; Yu, M.B.; Lee, S.J. ; Lo, G.Q.; Kwong, D.L.
92006Mode-dependent energy transmission across nanotube junctions calculated with a lattice dynamics approachWang, J. ; Wang, J.-S. 
102006Nonequilibrium Green's function approach to mesoscopic thermal transportWang, J.-S. ; Wang, J. ; Zeng, N.
1128-Jun-2007Nonequilibrium Green's function method for thermal transport in junctionsWang, J.-S. ; Zeng, N.; Wang, J. ; Gan, C.K.
12Jul-2008Novel silicon-carbon (Si:C) Schottky barrier enhancement layer for dark-current suppression in Ge-on-SOI MSM photodetectorsAng, K.-W.; Zhu, S.-Y.; Wang, J. ; Chua, K.-T.; Yu, M.-B.; Lo, G.-Q.; Kwong, D.-L.
132010Optoelectronic monolithic integration of waveguided Metal-Germanium-Metal Photodetector and Ge CMOSFETs on SOI waferZang, H.; Wang, J. ; Lo, G.Q.; Lee, S.J. 
142007Selective epitaxial germanium on silicon-on-insulator high speed photodetectors using low-temperature ultrathin Si0.8 Ge0.2 bufferLoh, T.H.; Nguyen, H.S.; Murthy, R.; Yu, M.B.; Loh, W.Y.; Lo, G.Q.; Balasubramanian, N.; Kwong, D.L.; Wang, J. ; Lee, S.J. 
152010Silicon vertical-nano-wire based photovaltaic deviceWang, J. ; Li, Z.H.; Singh, N.; Lo, G.Q.; Lee, S.J. 
162011Silicon waveguide integrated germanium JFET photodetector with improved speed performanceWang, J. ; Yu, M.; Lo, G.; Kwong, D.-L.; Lee, S.