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Cabibihan, J.
Cabibihan, J.J.
Cabibihan, J.-J.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Adaptive compliance control for collision-tolerant robot arm with viscoelastic trunkChin, C.; Li, Y.; Ge, S.S. ; Cabibihan, J.-J. 
22012Affective tele-touchCabibihan, J.-J. ; Zheng, L.; Cher, C.K.T.
3Sep-2011Artificial skin ridges enhance local tactile shape discriminationSalehi, S.; Cabibihan, J.-J. ; Sam, S.G.
42013Bio-mimetic strategies for tactile sensingLee, W.W.; Cabibihan, J. ; Thakor, N.V.
52012Cute and soft: Baby steps in designing robots for children with autismHoa, T.D.; Cabibihan, J.-J. 
62011Design and development of Nancy, a social robotGe, S.S. ; Cabibihan, J.J. ; Zhang, Z.; Li, Y.; Meng, C.; He, H.; Safizadeh, M.R.; Li, Y.B.; Yang, J.
72009Design of Prosthetic Skins with Humanlike SoftnessCabibihan, J.-J. 
82012Effect of artificial skin ridges on embedded tactile sensorsCabibihan, J.-J. ; Oo, H.L.; Salehi, S.
92013Erratum: Human-recognizable robotic gestures (IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development 12 (305-314))Cabibihan, J.-J. ; So, W.-C.; Pramanik, S.
102011Force and motion analyses of the human patting gesture for robotic social touchingCabibihan, J.-J. ; Ahmed, I.; Ge, S.S. 
1128-Mar-2022Guidelines for Robot-to-Human Handshake From the Movement Nuances in Human-to-Human HandshakeCabibihan, JJ ; El-Noamany, A; Ragab, AM; Ang, MH 
122012Human-recognizable robotic gesturesCabibihan, J.-J. ; So, W.-C.; Pramanik, S.
132012Influence of the skin thickness on tactile shape discriminationCabibihan, J.-J. ; Carrozza, M.C.
142011Making robots persuasive: The influence of combining persuasive strategies (gazing and gestures) by a storytelling robot on its persuasive powerHam, J.; Bokhorst, R.; Cuijpers, R.; Van Der Pol, D.; Cabibihan, J.-J. 
152010Minimal set of recognizable gestures for a 10 DOF anthropomorphic robotCabibihan, J.-J. ; Yusson, W.; Salehi, S.; Ge, S.S. 
162011Patient-specific prosthetic fingers by remote collaboration-A case studyCabibihan, J.-J. 
172011Prosthetic finger phalanges with lifelike skin compliance for low-force social touching interactionsCabibihan, J.-J. ; Pradipta, R. ; Ge, S.S. 
182013Sensing discomfort of standing passengers in public rail transportation systems using a smart phoneGeorge, T.K.; Gadhia, H.M.; Sukumar, R.; Cabibihan, J.-J. 
192009Sleeping patterns observation for bedsores and bed-side falls preventionWai, A.A.P.; Yuan-Wei, K.; Fook, F.S.; Jayachandran, M.; Biswas, J.; Cabibihan, J.-J. 
202010Synthetic finger phalanx with lifelike skin complianceCabibihan, J.-J. ; Ge, S.S.