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12015Characterization of a novel KCNQ1 mutation for type 1 long QT syndrome and assessment of the therapeutic potential of a novel IKs activator using patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytesMa D. ; Wei H. ; Lu J.; Huang D.; Liu Z.; Loh L.J.; Islam O. ; Liew R. ; Shim W. ; Cook S.A. 
2Mar-2012Clinical applications of patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells in cardiovascular medicineOh, Y. ; Wei, H. ; Dongrui, M.; Sun, X.; Liew, R. 
32017Electronic supplementary materialIdentification of a Na+/K+-ATPase inhibition-independent proarrhythmic ionic mechanisms of cardiac glycosidesKoh, C.H; Wu, J; Chung, Y.Y; Liu, Z; Zhang, R.-R; Chong, K; Korzh, V; Ting, S; Oh, S; Shim, W ; Tian, H.-Y; Wei, H 
4Nov-2013Hydrogen sulfide augments the proliferation and survival of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived mesenchymal stromal cells through inhibition of BKCaZhao, Y.; Wei, H. ; Kong, G.; Shim, W. ; Zhang, G.
52012Hydrogen Sulfide Suppresses Outward Rectifier Potassium Currents in Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived CardiomyocytesWei H. ; Zhang G.; Qiu S.; Lu J.; Sheng J.; Manasi; Tan G.; Wong P.; Gan S.U. ; Shim W. 
62013Hydrogen sulphide suppresses human atrial fibroblast proliferation and transformation to myofibroblastsSheng, J; Shim, W ; Wei, H ; Lim, S.Y; Liew, R ; Lim, T.S; Ong, B.H; Chua, Y.L ; Wong, P
77-Feb-2013Identification and Characterization of Calcium Sparks in Cardiomyocytes Derived from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem CellsZhang, G.Q.; Wei, H. ; Lu, J.; Wong, P.; Shim, W.
82018Identification of an I Na-dependent and I to-mediated proarrhythmic mechanism in cardiomyocytes derived from pluripotent stem cells of a Brugada syndrome patientMa D. ; Liu Z.; Loh L.J.; Zhao Y.; Li G. ; Liew R. ; Islam O. ; Wu J.; Chung Y.Y.; Teo W.S.; Ching C.K. ; Tan B.Y. ; Chong D. ; Ho K.L. ; Lim P. ; Yong R.Y.Y. ; Panama B.K.; Kaplan A.D.; Bett G.C.L.; Ware J.; Bezzina C.R.; Verkerk A.O.; Cook S.A. ; Rasmusson R.L.; Wei H. 
919-Mar-2019In Vivo Generation of Post-infarct Human Cardiac Muscle by Laminin-Promoted Cardiovascular ProgenitorsYap, Lynn; Wang, Jiong-Wei ; Moreno-Moral, Aida ; Chong, Li Yen ; Sun, Yi; Harmston, Nathan ; Wang, Xiaoyuan ; Chong, Suet Yen ; Ohman, Miina K ; Wei, Heming ; Bunte, Ralph ; Gosh, Sujoy; Cook, Stuart ; Hovatta, Outi; de Kleijn, Dominique P; Petretto, Enrico ; Tryggvason, Karl 
102014iPSC-derived human mesenchymal stem cells improve myocardial strain of infarcted myocardiumMiao, Q; Shim, W ; Tee, N; Lim, S.Y; Chung, Y.Y; Myu Mia Ja, K.P; Ooi, T.H; Tan, G; Kong, G; Wei, H ; Lim, C.H; Sin, Y.K ; Wong, P
112013Modeling type 3 long QT syndrome with cardiomyocytes derived from patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cellsMa D. ; Wei H. ; Zhao Y.; Lu J.; Li G. ; Sahib N.B.E. ; Tan T.H. ; Wong K.Y. ; Shim W. ; Wong P. ; Cook S.A. ; Liew R. 
1215-Oct-2013Modeling type 3 long QT syndrome with cardiomyocytes derived from patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cellsMa, D.; Wei, H. ; Zhao, Y.; Lu, J.; Li, G.; Sahib, N.B.E.; Tan, T.H.; Wong, K.Y.; Shim, W.; Wong, P.; Cook, S.A.; Liew, R.