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12013A case report of an intracaval extrathoracic solitary fibrous tumourKoh, S.Z.; Tiong, H.Y.; Wang, S.; Madhavan, K. 
21-Apr-2018A predictive nomogram to identify factors influencing the success of a concomitant laparoscopic cholecystectomy with common bile duct exploration for choledocholithiasisChue K.M.; Aw J.W.B.; Chua S.H.M.; Chen Z.; Iyer S.G. ; Krishnakumar Madhavan ; Kow A.W.C. 
32015Banking of cryopreserved iliac artery and vein homografts: clinical uses in transplantationHeng, W.L; Madhavan, K ; Wee, P; Seck, T; Lim, Y.P; Lim, C.H
41-May-2017Delayed Presentation of Acute Cholecystitis: Comparative Outcomes of Same-Admission Versus Delayed Laparoscopic CholecystectomyTan J.K.H.; Goh J.C.I.; Lim J.W.L.; Shridhar I.G. ; Madhavan K. ; Kow A.W.C. 
52009Expanding the donor pool for liver transplantation in the setting of an "opt-out" scheme - 3 Years after new legislationLee, V.T.W.; Ganpathi, I.S. ; Chang, S.; Mak, K.S.W.; Madhavan, K. ; Chan, C.Y.; Prabhakaran, K. 
614-Aug-2021Gut microbiome in acute pancreatitis: A review based on current literaturePatel, Bharati Kadamb ; Patel, Kadamb H ; Bhatia, Madhav ; Iyer, Shridhar Ganpati; Madhavan, Krishnakumar ; Moochhala, Shabbir M 
72013Intrahepatic segment V biliary enteric bypassTan, L.B.K.; Madhavan, K. ; Chang, S.K.Y.
8Jul-2012Laparoendoscopic single-site minor hepatectomy for liver tumorsTan, E.K.; Lee, V.T.-W. ; Chang, S.K.Y. ; Ganpathi, I.S. ; Madhavan, K. ; Lomanto, D. 
91-Dec-2017Laparoscopic cholecystectomy for acute cholecystitis: An analysis of early versus delayed cholecystectomy and predictive factors for conversionGoh J.C.; Tan J.K.; Lim J.W.; Shridhar I.G. ; Madhavan K. ; Kow A.W. 
102011Licensing virus-specific T cells to secrete the neutrophil attracting chemokine CXCL-8 during hepatitis B virus infectionGehring A.J.; Koh S.; Chia A.; Paramasivam K.; Chew V.S.P.; Ho Z.Z.; Lee K.H.; Maini M.K.; Madhavan K. ; Lim S.G. ; Bertoletti A. 
112010Minimally invasive retroperitoneal pancreatic necrosectomy in the management of infected pancreatitisLakshmanan, R.; Iyer, S.G. ; Lee, V.T.W.; Chang, S.K.Y.; Madhavan, K. 
12Sep-2011Mismatched bone marrow transplantation for severe aplastic anaemia after liver transplantation for associated acute liver failureMali, V.P. ; Tan, P.L. ; Aw, M. ; Loh, L.D.S.K. ; Quak, S.H. ; Madhavan, K. ; Krishnan, P. 
131-Apr-2009Organ and Tissue TransplantationVathsala, A ; Ooi, London Lucien; Madhavan, K. 
142017Predictors of Non-adherence to Immunosuppressive Therapy in Asian Liver Transplant RecipientsHartono J.L.; Koh T.; Lee G.H.; Tan P.S.; Muthiah M.; Aw M.M.; Madhavan K. ; Kow A. ; Lim K.B.L.
157-Jul-2013Rectal arterio-portal fistula: An unusual cause of persistent bleeding per rectum following a proximal spleno-renal shuntYap, H.Y.; Lee, S.Y.; Chung, Y.F.A.; Tay, K.H. ; Low, A.S.-C.; Thng, C.H. ; Madhavan, K. 
1614-May-2020Restructuring the surgical service during the COVID-19 pandemic: experience from a tertiary institution in SingaporeLow, TY; So, JBY ; Madhavan, KK ; Hartman, M 
171-Jan-2017Same admission laparoscopic cholecystectomy for acute cholecystitis: is the "golden 72 hours" rule still relevant?Tan J.K.H.; Goh J.C.I.; Lim J.W.L.; Shridhar I.G. ; Madhavan K. ; Kow A.W.C. 
182010Successful living donor liver transplantation in portomesenteric thrombosisIyer, S.G. ; Lau, C.L.C.; Chang, K.Y.S.; Mak, S.W.K.; Madhavan, K.K. 
191-Jul-2014Surgical Salvage of Partial Pancreatic Allograft Thrombosis Presenting as Ruptured Pancreatic Cyst: A Case ReportLee, VT-W; Tiong, H-Y ; Vathsala, A ; Madhavan, K 
201-Apr-2018The Stomach: a Rare Site for Metastatic Solid Pseudopapillary Neoplasm of the PancreasPrakash P.S.; Chan D.Y.S.; Madhavan K.