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1Mar-2014The postcolonial city in South AsiaAnwar, N.H. 
217-Jun-1997Solution-phase synthesis of a β-amino alcohol combinatorial libraryChng, B.L. ; Ganesan, A. 
3Jun-2003Secretory phospholipase A2 activity in the normal and kainate injected rat brain, and inhibition by a peptide derived from python serumThwin, M.-M. ; Ong, W.-Y. ; Fong, C.-W. ; Sato, K.; Kodama, K.; Farooqui, A.A.; Gopalakrishnakone, P. 
4Jul-1996Notes on the taxonomy and ecology of Aliaporcellana telestophila (Johnson, 1958) (Decapoda, Anomura, Porcellanidae), a crab commensal on the gorgonian SolenocaulonNg, P.K.L. ; Goh, N.K.C. 
5Jul-1997Michellamines D-F, new HIV-inhibitory dimeric naphthylisoquinoline alkaloids, and korupensamine E, a new antimalarial monomer, from Ancistrocladus korupensisHallock, Y.F.; Manfredi, K.P.; Dai, J.-R. ; Cardellina II, J.H.; Gulakowski, R.J.; McMahon, J.B.; Schäffer, M.; Stahl, M.; Gulden, K.-P.; Bringmann, G.; François, G.; Boyd, M.R.
61995Growth of five species of gorgonians (sub-class Octocorallia) in the sedimented waters of SingaporeGoh, N.K.C. ; Chou, L.M. 
71996Formation of sodium cluster ions in electrospray mass spectrometryZhou, S. ; Hamburger, M. 
8Nov-1996Flavans and A-type proanthocyanidins from Prunus prostrataBilia, A.R.; Morelli, I.; Hamburger, M. ; Hostettmann, K.
9Dec-1996Correlation of genetic and physical maps at the A mating-type locus of Coprinus cinereusLukens, L.; Yicun, H. ; May, G.
105-Jan-1995Correlation between steady-state cell concentration and cell death of hybridoma cultures in chemostatLee, Y.-K.; Yap, P.-K.; Teoh, A.-P. 
116-Dec-1996Application of liquid chromatography-atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry in natural product analysis. Evaluation and optimization of electrospray and heated nebulizer interfacesZhou, S. ; Hamburger, M.
1222-Aug-1992An antimicrobial factor from the plasma of the horseshoe crab, Carcinoscorpius rotundicaudaDing, Jeak Ling ; Yeo, Derek SA ; Ho, B
1320-Dec-1996An annotated checklist of the gorgonians (Anthozoa: Octocorallia) of Singapore, with a discussion of gorgonian diversity in the Indo-West PacificGoh, N.K.C. ; Chou, L.M. 
14Aug-1994A semiautomated isolation procedure for selecting low-serum-requiring animal cell populationLee, Y.-K.; Yap, P.-K.; Teoh, A.-P.