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Ganesan S/O Arasu
Ganesan, A.


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128-Jul-2000A biomimetic total synthesis of (-)-spirotryprostatin B and related studiesWang, H. ; Ganesan, A. 
21997A high throughput enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for inhibitors of the interaction between retinoblastoma protein and the Leu-X-Cys-X-Glu motifEllsmore, V.A.; Teoh, A.P. ; Ganesan, A. 
3Jul-1999A solid-phase equivalent of van Leusen's TosMIC, and its application in oxazole synthesisKulkarni, B.A. ; Ganesan, A. 
42000Assembly of the TAN-1057 A/B heterocycle from a dehydroalanine precursorLin, P.; Ganesan, A. 
516-Jun-1997Concise synthesis of the cell cycle inhibitor demothoxyfumitremorgin CWang, H. ; Ganesan, A. 
61999Intermolecular conjugate addition of alkyl radicals on solid phaseZhu, X.; Ganesan, A. 
71997Ion-exchange resins for combinatorial synthesis: 2,4-pyrrolidinediones by Dieckmann condensationKulkarni, B.A. ; Ganesan, A. 
81998Poly(4-vinylpyridinium P-toluenesulfonate) as a polymer-supported catalyst for hydrolysis of tetrahydropyranyl ethersLi, Z.; Ganesan, A. 
99-Apr-1998Solid-phase C-acylation of active methylene compoundsSim, M.M. ; Lee, C.L.; Ganesan, A. 
1027-Aug-1998Solid-phase combinatorial synthesis of 4-hydroxyquinolin-2(1H)-onesSim, M.M. ; Lee, C.L.; Ganesan, A. 
11Apr-1998Solid-phase functionalization of heterocycles by direct lithiationLi, Z.; Ganesan, A. 
1224-Dec-1998Solid-phase synthesis of N-acyl-N'-carbamoylguanidinesLin, P.; Ganesan, A. 
133-Mar-1998Solid-phase synthesis of peptidomimetic oligomers with a phosphodiesterase backboneLin, P.; Ganesan, A. 
1422-Sep-1998Solid-phase synthesis of potential protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors via the Ugi four-component condensationLi, Z.; Yeo, S.L.; Pallen, C.J. ; Ganesan, A. 
1511-Jun-1998Solid-phase synthesis of tetramic acidsKulkarni, B.A. ; Ganesan, A. 
161999Solid-phase synthesis of β-keto esters via sequential baylis - Hillman and heck reactionsKulkarni, B.A. ; Ganesan, A. 
177-Apr-1998Solution-phase combinatorial synthesis of 4-hydroxyquinolin-2(1H)-onesKulkarni, B.A. ; Ganesan, A. 
18Jul-1999Solution-phase parallel oxazole synthesis with TosMICKulkarni, B.A. ; Ganesan, A. 
191997Solution-phase synthesis of a combinatorial thiohydantoin librarySim, M.M. ; Ganesan, A. 
201997Solution-Phase Synthesis of a Combinatorial Thiohydantoin LibrarySim, M.M. ; Ganesan, A.