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11-Jun-2018A dual memory theory of the testing effectRickard, Timothy C; Pan, Steven C 
21-Apr-2019Conditions of highly specific learning through cued recallPan, Steven C ; Lovelett, Jarrett; Stoeckenius, Derek; Rickard, Timothy C
31-Oct-2019Does Interleaved Practice Enhance Foreign Language Learning? The Effects of Training Schedule on Spanish Verb Conjugation SkillsPan, Steven C ; Tajran, Jahan; Lovelett, Jarrett; Osuna, Jessica; Rickard, Timothy C
41-Sep-2017Does Retrieval Practice Enhance Learning and Transfer Relative to Restudy for Term-Definition Facts?Pan, Steven C ; Rickard, Timothy C
530-Mar-2021Does Spelling Still Matter-and If So, How Should It Be Taught? Perspectives from Contemporary and Historical ResearchPan, Steven C ; Rickard, Timothy C; Bjork, Robert A
6Mar-2024Emerging and Future Directions in Test-Enhanced Learning ResearchPan, Steven C ; Dunlosky, John; Xu, Kate M; Ouwehand, Kim
78-Apr-2022How do college students use digital flashcards during self-regulated learning?Zung, Inez; Imundo, Megan N; Pan, Steven C 
81-Jul-2019In search of transfer following cued recall practice: The case of process-based biology conceptsPan, Steven C ; Hutter, Sarah A; D'Andrea, Dominic; Unwalla, Daanish; Rickard, Timothy C
91-Feb-2024Interaction between the testing and forward testing effects in the case of Cued-Recall: Implications for Theory, individual difference Studies, and applicationGupta, MW; Pan, SC ; Rickard, TC
1012-Nov-2021Interleaved practice enhances memory and problem-solving ability in undergraduate physicsSamani, Joshua; Pan, Steven C 
119-Sep-2020Learning from errors: students' and instructors' practices, attitudes, and beliefsPan, Steven C ; Sana, Faria; Samani, Joshua; Cooke, James; Kim, Joseph A
1213-Jan-2023Metacognitive awareness of the pretesting effect improves with self-regulation supportPan, Steven C ; Rivers, Michelle L
131-Dec-2019Online and Clicker Quizzing on Jargon Terms Enhances Definition-Focused but Not Conceptually Focused Biology Exam PerformancePan, Steven C ; Cooke, James; Little, Jeri L; McDaniel, Mark A; Foster, Erin R; Connor, Lisa Tabor; Rickard, Timothy C
141-Dec-2023Prequestioning and Pretesting Effects: a Review of Empirical Research, Theoretical Perspectives, and Implications for Educational PracticePan, SC ; Carpenter, SK
151-Dec-2020Pretesting Reduces Mind Wandering and Enhances Learning During Online LecturesPan, Steven C ; Schmitt, Alexandra G; Bjork, Elizabeth Ligon; Sana, Faria
161-Jun-2021Pretesting Versus Posttesting: Comparing the Pedagogical Benefits of Errorful Generation and Retrieval PracticePan, Steven C ; Sana, Faria
1720-Sep-2021Prior episodic learning and the efficacy of retrieval practiceGupta, Mohan W; Pan, Steven C ; Rickard, Timothy C
1827-Jan-2022Severe Publication Bias Contributes to Illusory Sleep Consolidation in the Motor Sequence Learning LiteratureRickard, Timothy C; Pan, Steven C ; Gupta, Mohan W
193-Jun-2020Test-enhanced learning for pairs and triplets: When and why does transfer occur?Rickard, Timothy C; Pan, Steven C 
201-May-2016Testing With Feedback Yields Potent, but Piecewise, Learning of History and Biology FactsPan, Steven C ; Gopal, Arpita; Rickard, Timothy C