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Haipeng Wei
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H. Wei
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Mar-2023CircumcoronenesY. Zou ; X. Hou ; H. Wei ; J. Shao; Q. Jiang ; L. Ren ; J. Wu 
219-May-2023Fused Triangulene Dimers: Facile Synthesis by Intramolecular Radical-Radical Coupling and Application for Near Infrared LasersT. Shen ; D. Dijkstra; A. Farrando-Pérez; P. G. Boj; J. M. Villalvilla; J. A. Quintana; Y. Zou ; X. Hou ; H. Wei ; Z. Li; Z. Sun; M. A. Díaz-García; J. Wu 
319-Jun-2023Helical fused 1,2:8,9-dibenzozethrene oligomers with up to 201o end-to-end twist: “One-pot” synthesis and chiral resolutionZ. Sun; W. Fan ; Y. Han ; W. Yuan; Y. Ni; J. Wang ; H. Wei ; Y. Zhao; Z. Sun ; J. Wu 
45-Sep-2022Solution-Phase Synthesis and Isolation of An Aza-Triangulene and Its Cation in Crystalline FormH. Wei ; X. Hou ; T. Xu ; Y. Zou ; G. Li ; S. Wu ; Y. Geng; J. Wu 
523-Mar-2022Stable Triarylmethyl Radicals and Cobalt(II) Ions Based 1D/2D Coordination PolymersX. Hou; G. T. Nguyen; T. Xu; H. Wei ; T. S. Herng ; G. Huo ; D. Wang ; J. Ding ; S. Wu ; L. Ungur ; J. Wu 
622-Mar-2022Stable Triarylmethyl Radicals and Cobalt(II) Ions Based 1D/2D Coordination PolymersXudong Hou ; Giang Truong Nguyen; Tingting Xu ; Haipeng Wei ; Tun Seng Herng ; Guifei Huo ; Dingguan Wang ; Jun Ding ; Shaofei Wu ; Liviu Ungur ; Jishan Wu
723-May-2023Synthesis and chiral resolution of a triply twisted Möbius carbon nanoW. Fan ; T. M. Fukunaga; S. Wu ; Y. Han ; Q. Zhou ; J. Wang ; Z. Li ; X. Hou ; H. Wei ; Y. Ni; H. Isobe; J. Wu 
84-Oct-2023Topological Design and Synthesis of High- Spin Aza-triangulenes without Jahn−Teller DistortionsJames Michenson Lawrence ; Yuanyuan He ; Haipeng Wei ; Jie Su ; Shaotang Song ; Alina Wania-Rodrigues; Daniel Miravet; Pawel Hawrylak ; Jianwei Zhao; Jishan Wu ; Jiong Lu 
94-Apr-2023Topological Design and Synthesis of High-Spin Aza-triangulenes without Jahn–Teller DistortionsJ. Lawrence ; Y. He; H. Wei ; J. Su; S. Song ; A. W. Rodrigues; D. Miravet; P. Hawrylak ; J. Zhao; J. Wu ; J. Lu