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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
131-Mar-2022BREAst screening Tailored for HEr (BREATHE)-A study protocol on personalised risk-based breast cancer screening programmeLiu, Jenny ; Ho, Peh Joo; Tan, Tricia Hui Ling; Yeoh, Yen Shing ; Chew, Ying Jia; Riza, Nur Khaliesah Mohamed ; Khng, Alexis Jiaying; Goh, Su-Ann ; Wang, Yi ; Oh, Han Boon; Chin, Chi Hui; Kwek, Sing Cheer; Zhang, Zhi Peng; Ong, Desmond Luan Seng; Quek, Swee Tian ; Tan, Chuan Chien; Wee, Hwee Lin ; Li, Jingmei ; Iau, Philip Tsau Choong; Hartman, Mikael 
223-Apr-2021Cost effectiveness analysis of a polygenic risk tailored breast cancer screening programme in SingaporeWong, Jerry Zeng Yang ; Chai, Jia Hui ; Yeoh, Yen Shing ; Mohamed Riza, Nur Khaliesah ; Liu, Jenny ; Teo, Yik-Ying ; Wee, Hwee Lin ; Hartman, Mikael 
32018Determinants of breast size in Asian womenLim L.Y.; Ho P.J. ; Liu J. ; Chay W.Y. ; Tan M.-H.; Hartman M. ; Li J. 
411-Mar-2019Factors associated with false-positive mammography at first screen in an Asian populationHo, Peh Joo; Bok, Chek Mei; Ishak, Hanis Mariyah Mohd; Lim, Li Yan; Liu, Jenny ; Wong, Fuh Yong ; Chia, Kee Seng ; Tan, Min-Han; Chay, Wen Yee ; Hartman, Mikael ; Li, Jingmei 
52020Impact of delayed treatment in women diagnosed with breast cancer: A population-based studyHo, P.J.; Cook, A.R. ; Binte Mohamed Ri, N.K. ; Liu, J. ; Li, J. ; Hartman, M. 
62020Impact of deviation from guideline recommended treatment on breast cancer survival in AsiaHo, P.J.; Ow, S.G.W.; Sim, Y.; Liu, J. ; Lim, S.H.; Tan, E.Y.; Tan, S.-M.; Lee, S.C.; Tan, V.K.-M.; Yap, Y.-S.; Chay, W.Y.; Tan, B.K.T.; Wong, F.Y.; Li, J. ; Hartman, M. 
72015Mammographic breast density and common genetic variants in breast cancer risk predictionLee C.P.L.; Choi H. ; Soo K.C. ; Tan M.-H.; Chay W.Y.; Chia K.S. ; LIU JENNY ; Li J. ; Hartman M. 
82020Presentation of breast cancer, help seeking behaviour and experience of patients in their cancer journey in Singapore: a qualitative studyNg, C.W.Q.; Lim, J.N.W.; Liu, J. ; Hartman, M.