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Zhiyang Lyu
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18-Apr-20203D-printed surface-patterned ceramic membrane with enhanced performance in crossflow filtrationLyu Z. ; Ng T.C.A. ; Tran-Duc T.; Lim G.J.H. ; Gu Q. ; Zhang L. ; Zhang Z. ; Ding J. ; Phan-Thien N. ; Wang J. ; Ng H.Y. 
29-Dec-2019Alumina double-layered ultrafiltration membranes with enhanced water fluxHe Z. ; Ng T.C.A. ; Lyu Z. ; Gu Q. ; Zhang L. ; Ng H.Y. ; Wang J. 
31-Dec-2018Atomic engineering of high-density isolated Co atoms on graphene with proximal-atom controlled reaction selectivityYan H. ; Zhao X. ; Guo N. ; Lyu Z. ; Du Y.; Xi S.; Guo R. ; Chen C.; Chen Z. ; Liu W. ; Yao C. ; Li J. ; Pennycook S.J. ; Chen W. ; Su C.; Zhang C. ; Lu J. 
47-Jun-2019Ceramic-based membranes for water and wastewater treatmentHe Z. ; Lyu Z. ; Gu Q. ; Zhang L. ; Wang J. 
518-Oct-2019Chemical-grafting of graphene oxide quantum dots (GOQDs) onto ceramic microfiltration membranes for enhanced water permeability and anti-organic fouling potentialGu Q. ; Ng T.C.A. ; Zain I.; Liu X. ; Zhang L. ; Zhang Z. ; Lyu Z. ; He Z. ; Ng H.Y. ; Wang J. 
62020Chloride Ion as Redox Mediator in Reducing Charge Overpotential of Aprotic Lithium–Oxygen BatteriesQi Zhang; Yin Zhou; Wenrui Dai; Xinhang Cui; Zhiyang Lyu ; Zheng Hu; Wei Chen 
718-Oct-2019Effect of gradient profile in ceramic membranes on filtration characteristics: Implications for membrane developmentNg T.C.A. ; Lyu Z. ; Gu Q. ; Zhang L. ; Poh W.J.; Zhang Z. ; Wang J. ; Ng H.Y. 
82016Facile synthesis of hierarchical porous Co3O4 nanoboxes as efficient cathode catalysts for Li-O2 batteriesZhang J. ; Lyu Z. ; Zhang F. ; Wang L.; Xiao P. ; Yuan K.; Lai M.; Chen W. 
98-Jan-2019Heterogeneous ZIF-L membranes with improved hydrophilicity and anti-bacterial adhesion for potential application in water treatmentGu Q. ; Albert Ng T.C. ; Sun Q.; Kotb Elshahawy A.M.; Lyu Z. ; He Z. ; Zhang L. ; Ng H.Y. ; Zeng K. ; Wang J. 
1031-Dec-2019Highly permeable Al2O3 microfiltration membranes with holey interior structure achieved through sacrificial C particlesZhang Z. ; Ng T.C.A. ; Gu Q. ; Zhang L. ; He Z. ; Lyu Z. ; Zhang X.; Wang W.; Ng H.Y. ; Wang J. 
1112-Dec-2019Hydrogenated TiO2 membrane with photocatalytically enhanced anti-fouling for ultrafiltration of surface waterZhang L. ; Ng T.C.A. ; Liu X. ; Gu Q. ; Pang Y.; Zhang Z. ; Lyu Z. ; He Z. ; Ng H.Y. ; Wang J. 
128-Oct-2019Interfacial diffusion assisted chemical deposition (ID-CD) for confined surface modification of alumina microfiltration membranes toward high-flux and anti-foulingGu Q. ; Ng T.C.A. ; Zhang L. ; Lyu Z. ; Zhang Z. ; Ng H.Y. ; Wang J. 
1324-Jan-2019Nanowires versus nanosheets – Effects of NiCo2O4 nanostructures on ceramic membrane permeability and fouling potentialLyu Z. ; Chiang Albert Ng T. ; Gu Q. ; Sun Q.; He Z. ; Zhang L. ; Poh W.; Zeng K. ; Yong Ng H. ; Wang J. 
1421-Apr-2019Polysulfide-driven low charge overpotential for aprotic lithium-oxygen batteriesYin Zhou; Zhiyang Lyu ; Zhenjie Liu; Wenrui Dai; Rui Guo ; Jinlin Yang; Xinhang Cui; Yong Zhao; Ming Lin; Min Lai ; Zhangquan Peng; Wei Chen 
157-May-2019Promoting defective-Li2O2 formation via Na doping for Li-O-2 batteries with low charge overpotentialsZhiyang Lyu ; Wang Tao ; Rui Guo ; Yin Zhou; Junchao Chen; Xiao Wang; Ming Lin; XinXin Tian; Min Lai ; Luming Peng; Li Wang; Zhangquan Peng; Wei Chen 
162-Jul-2020Surface engineered alumina microfiltration membranes based on rationally constructed core-shell particlesGu Q. ; Ng T.C.A. ; Zang W. ; Zhang L. ; Lyu Z. ; Zhang Z. ; Ng H.Y. ; Wang J. 
1723-Sep-2020Ultrathin TiO2 microfiltration membranes supported on a holey intermediate layer to raise filtration performanceZhang Z. ; Ng T.C.A. ; Gu Q. ; Zhang L. ; Lyu Z. ; Zhang X.; Ng H.Y. ; Wang J.