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11-Dec-2018Atomic engineering of high-density isolated Co atoms on graphene with proximal-atom controlled reaction selectivityYan H. ; Zhao X. ; Guo N. ; Lyu Z. ; Du Y.; Xi S.; Guo R. ; Chen C.; Chen Z. ; Liu W. ; Yao C. ; Li J. ; Pennycook S.J. ; Chen W. ; Su C.; Zhang C. ; Lu J. 
22015Atomic healing of defects in transition metal dichalcogenidesLi C. ; Huang L. ; Li T. ; Lu W. ; Qiu X. ; Huang Z. ; Liu Z. ; Zeng S. ; Guo R. ; Zhao Y. ; Zeng K. ; Coey M. ; Chen J. ; Ariando ; Venkatesan T. 
31-Dec-2020Continuously controllable photoconductance in freestanding BiFeO3 by the macroscopic flexoelectric effectGuo, R ; You, L; Lin, W ; Abdelsamie, A; Shu, X; Zhou, G ; Chen, S ; Liu, L ; Yan, X ; Wang, J; Chen, J 
42016Controlling Kondo-like Scattering at the SrTiO3-based InterfacesHan, K ; Palina, N; Zeng, S.W ; Huang, Z ; Li, C.J ; Zhou, W.X ; Wan, D.-Y ; Zhang, L.C ; Chi, X ; Guo, R ; Chen, J.S ; Venkatesan, T ; Rusydi, A ; Ariando, NUSNNI-NanoCore, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 117411, Singapore, Department of Physics, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 117542, Singapore, National University of Singapore Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering (NGS), 28 Medical Drive, Singapore, 117456, Singapore 
51-Dec-2018Direct observation of room-temperature out-of-plane ferroelectricity and tunneling electroresistance at the two-dimensional limitWang H.; Liu Z.R.; Yoong H.Y.; Paudel T.R.; Xiao J.X. ; Guo R. ; Lin W.N. ; Yang P. ; Wang J. ; Chow G.M. ; Venkatesan T. ; Tsymbal E.Y.; Tian H.; Chen J.S. 
66-Jan-2020Ferroic tunnel junctions and their application in neuromorphic networksGuo, Rui ; Lin, Weinan ; Yan, Xiaobing ; Venkatesan, T. ; Chen, Jingsheng 
72015Functional ferroelectric tunnel junctions on siliconGuo, R ; Wang, Z; Zeng, S ; Han, K ; Huang, L ; Schlom, D.G; Venkatesan, T ; Ariando ; Chen, J