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11-Dec-2018Atomic engineering of high-density isolated Co atoms on graphene with proximal-atom controlled reaction selectivityYan H. ; Zhao X. ; Guo N. ; Lyu Z. ; Du Y.; Xi S.; Guo R. ; Chen C.; Chen Z. ; Liu W. ; Yao C. ; Li J. ; Pennycook S.J. ; Chen W. ; Su C.; Zhang C. ; Lu J. 
22020Atomically-precise dopant-controlled single cluster catalysis for electrochemical nitrogen reductionYao, C.; Guo, N. ; Xi, S.; Xu, C.-Q.; Liu, W. ; Zhao, X. ; Li, J. ; Fang, H.; Su, J. ; Chen, Z. ; Yan, H. ; Qiu, Z. ; Lyu, P.; Chen, C.; Xu, H.; Peng, X.; Li, X. ; Liu, B.; Su, C.; Pennycook, S.J. ; Sun, C.-J.; Li, J.; Zhang, C. ; Du, Y.; Lu, J. 
32019Expedient synthesis of E-hydrazone esters and 1H-indazole scaffolds through heterogeneous single-atom platinum catalysisLiu, C. ; Chen, Z. ; Yan, H. ; Xi, S.; Yam, K.M. ; Gao, J.; Du, Y.; Li, J. ; Zhao, X. ; Xie, K.; Xu, H. ; Li, X. ; Leng, K. ; Pennycook, S.J. ; Liu, B.; Zhang, C. ; Koh, M.J. ; Loh, K.P.
414-Jul-2019Maximizing the utility of single atom electrocatalysts on a 3D graphene nanomeshChi, Kai; Chen, Zhongxin ; Xiao, Fei; Guo, Wei; Xi, Wei; Liu, Jing; Yan, Huan ; Zhang, Zheye; Xiao, Jian; Liu, Jia; Luo, Jun; Wang, Shuai ; Loh, Kian Ping 
51-Jan-2019Promoted Glycerol Oxidation Reaction in an Interface-Confined Hierarchically Structured CatalystChen, Zhongxin ; Liu, Cuibo ; Zhao, Xiaoxu ; Yan, Huan ; Li, Jing ; Lyu, Pin; Du, Yonghua; Xi, Shibo; Chi, Kai; Chi, Xiao ; Xu, Haisen ; Li, Xing ; Fu, Wei ; Leng, Kai ; Pennycook, Stephen J ; Wang, Shuai ; Loh, Kian Ping 
621-May-2018Single-atom catalysts and their applications in organic chemistryHuan Yan ; Chenliang Su ; Jun He ; Wei Chen