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Kim J.E.


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12020An assessment of three carbohydrate metrics of nutritional quality for packaged foods and beverages in Australia and Southeast asiaTan, D.; Olden, A.N.; Orengo, A.; Francey, C.; Campos, V.C.; Fayet-Moore, F.; Kim, J.E. ; Lê, K.-A.
215-Jul-2021Association of Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis with Neurodegeneration: Can Gut Microbe-Modifying Diet Prevent or Alleviate the Symptoms of Neurodegenerative Diseases?Tan, Li Yang; Yeo, Xin Yi ; Bae, Han-Gyu; Lee, Delia Pei Shan ; Ho, Roger C ; Kim, Jung Eun ; Jo, Dong-Gyu; Jung, Sangyong 
32020Association of sleep quality and macronutrient distribution: A systematic review and meta-regressionSutanto, C.N.; Wang, M.X. ; Tan, D.; Kim, J.E. 
425-May-2019Daily consumption of essence of chicken improves cognitive function: A systematically searched meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsDarel Wee Kiat Toh; Chun Hong Wong; Johnson Fam ; Jung Eun Kim 
52018Dietary cholesterol contained in whole eggs is not well absorbed and does not acutely affect plasma total cholesterol concentration in men and women: Results from 2 randomized controlled crossover studiesKim J.E. ; Campbell W.W.
62018Differential Relationship between Intermuscular Adipose Depots with Indices of Cardiometabolic HealthBergia, R.E.; Kim, J.E. ; Campbell, W.W.
72018Effects of a high-protein diet including whole eggs on muscle composition and indices of cardiometabolic health and systemic inflammation in older adults with overweight or obesity: A randomized controlled trialWright, C.S; Zhou, J; Sayer, R.D; Kim, J.E ; Campbell, W.W
829-Mar-2020Effects of fatty acids composition in a breakfast meal on the postprandial lipid responses: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trialsYuanhang Yao; Sheri Xueqi Pek; Darel Wee Kiat Toh; Xuejuan Xia ; Jung Eun Kim