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Christopher John Charles
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Anoxic biodegradation of isosaccharinic acids at alkaline pH by natural microbial communitiesRout S.P.; Charles C.J. ; Doulgeris C.; McCarthy A.J.; Rooks D.J.; Loughnane J.P.; Laws A.P.; Humphreys P.N.
231-May-2022Effects of Hypertrophic and Dilated Cardiac Geometric Remodeling on Ejection FractionZheng, Y ; Chan, WX ; Charles, CJ ; Richards, AM ; Sampath, S; Abu Bakar Ali, A; Leo, HL ; Yap, CH 
32015Evidence of the generation of isosaccharinic acids and their subsequent degradation by local microbial consortia within hyper-alkaline contaminated soils, with relevance to intermediate level radioactive waste disposalRout S.P.; Charles C.J. ; Garratt E.J.; Laws A.P.; Gunn J.; Humphreys P.N.
41-Jul-2019Extracellular Vesicles in Cardiovascular Diseases: Alternative Biomarker Sources, Therapeutic Agents, and Drug Delivery CarriersCHONG SUET YEN ; LEE CHOON KEONG ; Huang, Chenyuan; Ou, Yi Hsuan; CHARLES, CHRISTOPHER JOHN ; ARTHUR MARK RICHARDS ; Neupane, Yub Raj; Pavon, Maria Vazquez; ZHARKOVA, OLGA ; Pastorin,Giorgia ; WANG JIONGWEI 
515-Aug-2017Identification of novel microRNAs in the sheep heart and their regulation in heart failureWong L.L.; Rademaker M.T.; Saw E.L.; Lew K.S.; Ellmers L.J.; Charles C.J. ; Richards A.M.; Wang P.
62020Large animal models of heart failure: Reduced vs. preserved ejection fractionCharles, C.J. ; Rademaker, M.T.; Scott, N.J.A.; Richards, A.M.
714-Oct-2022Material property alterations for phenotypes of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: A numerical study of subject-specific porcine modelsWeissmann, J; Charles, CJ ; Richards, AM ; Yap, CH ; Marom, G
81-Jul-2020Measurement of the Luminal Diameter of Peripheral Arterial Vasculature in YorkshirexLandrace Swine by Using Ultrasonography and AngiographyZuo, Keping ; Koh, Li Buay ; Charles, Christopher J ; Yim, Evelyn KF; Lim, Jialing; Li, Renee R; Leo, Hwa Liang ; Cui, Fangsen; Ho, Pei 
91-Nov-2019Optimization of a Novel Preferential Covered Stent through Bench Experiments and in Vitro Platelet Activation StudiesKoh, Li Buay ; Zu, Keping; Kumar, Gideon Praveen; Ding, Xin; Leo, Hwa Liang ; Cui, Fangsen; Charles, Christopher J ; Yang, Yi-Yan; Yim, Evelyn KF; Ho, Pei 
102020Systemic mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes reduce myocardial infarct size: Characterization with MRI in a porcine modelCharles, C.J. ; Li, R.R. ; Yeung, T.; Mazlan, S.M.I. ; Lai, R.C.; Dekleijn, D.P.V.; Lim, S. ; Richards, A.M.