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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
123-Aug-2018Dibenzothiophene-S,S-Dioxide-Based Conjugated Polymers: Highly Efficient Photocatalyts for Hydrogen Production from Water under Visible LightDai, Chunhui; XU SHIDANG ; Liu, Wei; Gong, Xuezhong; MAJID PANAHANDEH FARD ; Liu, Zitong; Zhang, Deqing; Xue, Can; LOH KIAN PING ; LIU BIN 
27-Dec-2020Direct Bandgap-like Strong Photoluminescence from Twisted Multilayer MoS2 Grown on SrTiO3Soumya Sarkar ; Sinu Mathew ; Sandhya Chintalapati ; Ashutosh Rath ; Majid Panahandeh-Fard ; Surajit Saha ; Sreetosh Goswami ; Sherman Jun Rong Tan; Kian Ping Loh ; Mary Scott; Thirumalai Venkatesan 
326-Aug-2019Polaronic Trions at the MoS2SrTiO3 InterfaceSoumya Sarkar ; Sreetosh Goswami ; Maxim Trushin ; Surajit Saha ; Majid Panahandeh-Fard ; Saurav Prakash ; Sherman Jun Rong Tan; Mary Scott; Kian Ping Loh ; Shaffique Adam ; Sinu Mathew ; Thirumalai Venkatesan 
428-Aug-2019Precise Molecular Engineering of Photosensitizers with Aggregation-Induced Emission over 800 nm for Photodynamic TherapyWu, Wenbo ; Mao, Duo ; Xu, Shidang ; Panahandeh-Fard, Majid ; Duan, Yukun ; Hu, Fang ; Kong, Deling; Liu, Bin 
52020Tumor-Activated and Metal-Organic Framework Assisted Self-Assembly of Organic PhotosensitizersWang, Yuanbo ; Shi, Leilei ; Ma, Dou; Xu, Shidang ; Wu, Wenbo ; Xu, Li; Panahandeh-Fard, Majid ; Zhu, Xinyuan; Wang, Bo; Liu, Bin 
61-Mar-2019Water-Dispersed Conjugated Polyelectrolyte for Visible-Light Hydrogen ProductionDai, C; MAJID PANAHANDEH FARD ; Gong, X; Xue, C; LIU BIN