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1Nov-2022An Activity-Based Photosensitizer to Reverse Hypoxia and Oxidative Resistance for Tumor Photodynamic EradicationShi, Leilei ; Zhang, Peng; Liu, Xiaoxiao; Li, Yuzhen; Wu, Wenbo ; Gao, Xihui; Liu, Bin 
24-Nov-2019An AIEgen-Peptide Conjugate as a Phototheranostic Agent for Phagosome-Entrapped BacteriaQi, Guobin; Hu, Fang ; Kenry ; Shi, Leilei ; Wu, Min ; Liu, Bin 
32021Carrier-Free Hybrid DNA Nanoparticles for Light-Induced Self-Delivery of Functional Nucleic Acid EnzymesShi, Leilei ; Wu, Wenbo ; Duan, Yukun ; Xu, Li; Li, Sha; Gao, Xihui; Liu, Bin 
416-Dec-2021Enzyme-Mediated Intracellular Polymerization of AIEgens for Light-Up Tumor Localization and TheranosticsQi, Guobin ; Liu, Xingang ; Shi, Leilei ; Wu, Min; Liu, Jingjing; Liu, Bin 
51-Feb-2020Hybrid Nanospheres to Overcome Hypoxia and Intrinsic Oxidative Resistance for Enhanced Photodynamic TherapyShi, Leilei ; Hu, Fang ; Duan, Yukun ; Wu, Wenbo ; Dong, Jinqiao ; Meng, Xiangjun; Zhu, Xinyuan; Liu, Bin 
62020Light-Induced Self-Escape of Spherical Nucleic Acid from Endo/Lysosome for Efficient Non-Cationic Gene DeliveryShi, Leilei ; Wu, Wenbo ; Duan, Yukun ; Xu, Li; Xu, Yingying; Hou, Lidan; Meng, Xiangjun; Zhu, Xinyuan; Liu, Bin 
7May-2022Living Bacteria-Based Immuno-Photodynamic Therapy: Metabolic Labeling of <i>Clostridium butyricum</i> for Eradicating Malignant MelanomaShi, Leilei ; Liu, Xiaoxiao; Li, Yuzhen; Li, Sha; Wu, Wenbo ; Gao, Xihui; Liu, Bin 
82020Tumor-Activated and Metal-Organic Framework Assisted Self-Assembly of Organic PhotosensitizersWang, Yuanbo ; Shi, Leilei ; Ma, Dou; Xu, Shidang ; Wu, Wenbo ; Xu, Li; Panahandeh-Fard, Majid ; Zhu, Xinyuan; Wang, Bo; Liu, Bin 
92021Tumor-Activated Photosensitization and Size Transformation of NanodrugsWang, Yuanbo ; Shi, Leilei ; Wu, Wenbo ; Qi, Guobin; Zhu, Xinyuan; Liu, Bin