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12015Aluminium alloyed iron-silicide/silicon solar cells: A simple approach for low cost environmental-friendly photovoltaic technologyDalapati, G.K; Masudy-Panah, S ; Kumar, A; Tan, C.C; Tan, H.R; Chi, D
22016Color tunable low cost transparent heat reflector using copper and titanium oxide for energy saving applicationDalapati, G.K; Masudy-Panah, S ; Chua, S.T; Sharma, M; Wong, T.I; Tan, H.R; Chi,
32016Current status and future prospects of copper oxide heterojunction solar cellsWong, T.K.S; Zhuk, S; Masudy-Panah, S ; Dalapati, G.K
42017Impact of molybdenum out diffusion and interface quality on the performance of sputter grown CZTS based solar cellsDalapati, G.K; Zhuk, S; Masudy-Panah, S ; Kushwaha, A; Seng, H.L; Chellappan, V; Suresh, V; Su, Z; Batabyal, S.K; Tan, C.C; Guchhait, A; Wong, L.H; Wong, T.K.S; Tripathy, S
52016Rapid thermal annealing assisted stability and efficiency enhancement in a sputter deposited CuO photocathode†Masudy-Panah, S ; Siavash Moakhar, R; Chua, C.S; Kushwaha, A; Wong, T.I; Dalapati, G.K
62020Recent Advances in Plasmonic Perovskite Solar CellsSiavash Moakhar, R.; Gholipour, S.; Masudy-Panah, S. ; Seza, A.; Mehdikhani, A.; Riahi-Noori, N.; Tafazoli, S.; Timasi, N.; Lim, Y.-F.; Saliba, M.
72018Strain relaxation of germanium-tin (GeSn) finsKang, Y; Huang, Y.-C; Lee, K.H; Bao, S; Wang, W ; Lei, D ; Masudy-Panah, S ; Dong, Y ; Wu, Y ; Xu, S ; Tan, C.S; Gong, X ; Yeo, Y.-C