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Amico, L


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12016An atomtronic flux qubit: A ring lattice of Bose-Einstein condensates interrupted by three weak linksAghamalyan D. ; Nguyen N.T.; Auksztol F. ; Gan K.S.; Valado M.M. ; Condylis P.C. ; Kwek L.-C. ; Dumke R. ; Amico L. 
22014Anisotropic Rabi modelXie, Q.-T; Cui, S; Cao, J.-P; Amico, L ; Fan, H
32015Coherent superposition of current flows in an atomtronic quantum interference deviceAghamalyan, D ; Cominotti, M; Rizzi, M; Rossini, D; Hekking, F; Minguzzi, A; Kwek, L.-C ; Amico, L 
42017Corrigendum: Quantum State Transmission in a Superconducting Charge Qubit-Atom HybridYu, D.; Valado, M.M. ; Hufnagel, C. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Amico, L. ; Dumke, R. 
52016Entanglement convertibility by sweeping through the quantum phases of the alternating bonds XXZ chainTzeng, Y.-C; Dai, L; Chung, M.-C; Amico, L ; Kwek, L.-C 
62017Focus on atomtronics-enabled quantum technologiesAmico, L ; Birkl, G; Boshier, M; Kwek, L.-C 
72014Local convertibility and the quantum simulation of edge states in many-body systemsFranchini, F; Cui, J; Amico, L ; Fan, H; Gu, M ; Korepin, V; Kwek, L.C ; Vedral, V 
82017Local reversibility and entanglement structure of many-body ground statesKuwahara, T; Arad, I ; Amico, L ; Vedral, V 
92016Quantum State Transmission in a Superconducting Charge Qubit-Atom HybridYu, D ; Valado, M.M ; Hufnagel, C ; Kwek, L.C ; Amico, L ; Dumke, R 
102018Stabilizing Rabi oscillation of a charge qubit via the atomic clock techniqueYu, D ; Landra, A; Kwek, L.C ; Amico, L ; Dumke, R 
112019Topological pumping in Aharonov–Bohm ringsHaug, T.; Dumke, R. ; Kwek, L.-C. ; Amico, L.