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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2013A framework for phase and interference in generalized probabilistic theoriesGarner, A.J.P.; Dahlsten, O.C.O.; Nakata, Y.; Murao, M.; Vedral, V. 
22011A functional interpretation of continuous variable quantum discordAssad, S.; Chrzanowski, H.; Symul, T.; Lam, P.K.; Ralph, T.; Gu, M.; Vedral, V. 
32015A measure of majorization emerging from single-shot statistical mechanicsEgloff, D; Dahlsten, O.C.O ; Renner, R; Vedral, V 
42017A Nanophotonic Structure Containing Living Photosynthetic BacteriaColes, D; Flatten, L.C; Sydney, T; Hounslow, E; Saikin, S.K; Aspuru-Guzik, A; Vedral, V ; Tang, J.K.-H; Taylor, R.A; Smith, J.M; Lidzey, D.G
5Sep-2009A simple thermodynamical witness showing universality of macroscopic entanglementVedral, V. 
613-Jul-2012An information-theoretic equality implying the Jarzynski relationVedral, V. 
714-Oct-2011Behavior of entanglement and Cooper pairs under relativistic boostsPalge, V.; Vedral, V. ; Dunningham, J.A.
82018Causal Asymmetry in a Quantum WorldThompson, J ; Garner, A.J.P ; Mahoney, J.R; Crutchfield, J.P; Vedral, V ; Gu, M 
97-Oct-2009Classical and quantum correlations under decoherenceMaziero, J.; Céleri, L.C.; Serra, R.M.; Vedral, V. 
1013-Oct-2012Classical to quantum in large-number limitModi, K. ; Fazio, R.; Pascazio, S.; Vedral, V. ; Yuasa, K.
112015Classification of macroscopic quantum effectsFarrow T ; Vedral V 
126-Jan-2009Colloquium: The physics of Maxwell's demon and informationMaruyama, K.; Nori, F.; Vedral, V. 
1330-Oct-2013Comment on "quantum szilard engine"Plesch, M.; Dahlsten, O.; Goold, J.; Vedral, V. 
1430-Jan-2013Correlations in quantum physicsDorner, R.; Vedral, V. 
151-Apr-2021Decoherence effects in non-classicality tests of gravityRijavec, Simone; Carlesso, Matteo; Bassi, Angelo; Vedral, Vlatko ; Marletto, Chiara 
1618-Aug-2006Detecting entanglement with a thermometerAnders, J.; Kaszlikowski, D. ; Lunkes, C.; Ohshima, T.; Vedral, V. 
173-Jun-2010Detecting entanglement with Jarzynski's equalityHide, J.; Vedral, V. 
1828-Aug-2009Detection and engineering of spatial mode entanglement with ultracold bosonsGoold, J.; Heaney, L. ; Busch, T.; Vedral, V. 
192020Different instances of time as different quantum modes: Quantum states across space-time for continuous variablesZhang, T.; Dahlsten, O.; Vedral, V. 
201-Nov-2007Dimensionality-induced entanglement in macroscopic dimer systemsKaszlikowski, D. ; Son, W.; Vedral, V.