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Mile Gu
Gu, M.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
118-Aug-2021A new formulation of gradient boostingWozniakowski, Alex; Thompson, Jayne ; Gu, Mile ; Binder, Felix C.
219-Jan-2021An optical neural chip for implementing complex-valued neural networkZhang, H.; Gu, M. ; Jiang, X. D.; Thompson, J. ; Cai, H.; Paesani, S.; Santagati, R.; Laing, A.; Zhang, Y.; Yung, M. H.; Shi, Y. Z.; Muhammad, F. K.; Lo, G. Q.; Luo, X. S.; Dong, B.; Kwong, D. L.; Kwek, L. C. ; Liu, A. Q.
32018Causal Asymmetry in a Quantum WorldThompson, J ; Garner, A.J.P ; Mahoney, J.R; Crutchfield, J.P; Vedral, V ; Gu, M 
42019Dimensional Quantum Memory Advantage in the Simulation of Stochastic ProcessesGhafari, F.; Tischler, N.; Thompson, J. ; Gu, M. ; Shalm, L.K.; Verma, V.B.; Nam, S.W.; Patel, R.B.; Wiseman, H.M.; Pryde, G.J.
52020Fundamental limits of quantum illuminationNair, R.; Gu, M. 
62016How discord underlies the noise resilience of quantum illuminationWeedbrook, C; Pirandola, S; Thompson, J ; Vedral, V ; Gu, M 
719-Jul-2021Impossibility of achieving Landauer's bound for almost every quantum stateRiechers, Paul M.; Gu, Mile 
830-Apr-2021Initial-state dependence of thermodynamic dissipation for any quantum processRiechers, Paul M.; Gu, Mile 
92019Interfering trajectories in experimental quantum-enhanced stochastic simulationGhafari, F.; Tischler, N.; Di Franco, C.; Thompson, J. ; Gu, M. ; Pryde, G.J.
102014Local convertibility and the quantum simulation of edge states in many-body systemsFranchini, F; Cui, J; Amico, L ; Fan, H; Gu, M ; Korepin, V; Kwek, L.C ; Vedral, V 
112019Memory-efficient tracking of complex temporal and symbolic dynamics with quantum simulatorsElliott, T.J; Garner, A.J.P ; Gu, M 
122019Modular quantum computation in a trapped ion systemZhang, K.; Thompson, J. ; Zhang, X.; Shen, Y.; Lu, Y.; Zhang, S.; Ma, J.; Vedral, V. ; Gu, M. ; Kim, K.
132019One-shot entanglement distillation beyond local operations and classical communicationRegula, B.; Fang, K.; Wang, X.; Gu, M. 
149-Aug-2021Operational applications of the diamond norm and related measures in quantifying the non-physicality of quantum mapsRegula, Bartosz; Takagi, Ryuji; Gu, Mile 
152018Operational Resource Theory of Continuous-Variable NonclassicalityYadin, B.; Binder, F.C.; Thompson, J. ; Narasimhachar, V.; Gu, M. ; Kim, M.S.
162020Probe optimization for quantum metrology via closed-loop learning controlYang, X.; Thompson, J. ; Wu, Z.; Gu, M. ; Peng, X.; Du, J.
172017Provably unbounded memory advantage in stochastic simulation using quantum mechanicsGarner, A.J.P ; Liu, Q; Thompson, J ; Vedral, V ; Gu, M 
182018Quantum plug n' play: Modular computation in the quantum regimeThompson, J ; Modi, K; Vedral, V ; Gu, M 
192016Quantum processes which do not use coherenceYadin, B; Ma, J; Girolami, D; Gu, M ; Vedral, V 
2020-Oct-2010Reduced-complexity numerical method for optimal gate synthesisSridharan, S.; Gu, M. ; James, M.R.; McEneaney, W.M.