Full Name
Dagomir Kaszlikowski
Raeisi S., Kurzynski P., Kaszlikowski, Dagomir
Kaszlikowski, Dagomir
Kaszlikowski, D.
Kaszlikowski D.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2005A universal quantum estimatorKwek, L.C. ; Choo, K.W.; Du, J. ; Ekert, A.K. ; Alves, C.M.; Horodecki, M.; Horodecki, P.; Kaszlikowski, D. ; Nazimudeen, N.; Oh, C.H. ; Oi, D.K.L.
220-May-2008A witness of multipartite entanglement strataKaszlikowski, D. ; Kay, A. 
32013An experimental proposal for revealing contextuality in almost all qutrit statesThompson, J.; Pisarczyk, R.; Kurzyński, P. ; Kaszlikowski, D. 
4Oct-2004Asymmetric multipartite greenberger-horne-zeilinger states and bell inequalitiesGosal, D. ; Kaszlikowski, D. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Zukowski, M.; Oh, C.H. 
510-Jan-2019Authentication protocol based on collective quantum steeringMONDAL, DEBASIS ; DATTA, CHANDAN; SINGH, JASKARAN; KASZLIKOWSKI, DAGOMIR 
623-Apr-2013Bandyopadhyay, paterek, and kaszlikowski replyBandyopadhyay, J.N. ; Paterek, T. ; Kaszlikowski, D. 
7Mar-2002Bound entanglement and local realismKaszlikowski, D. ; Zukowski, M. ; Gnaciński, P.
8Mar-2002Clauser-Horne inequality for three-state systemsKaszlikowski, D. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Chen, J.-L. ; Zukowski, M. ; Oh, C.H. 
9Oct-2005Coherent eavesdropping attacks in tomographic quantum cryptography: Nonequivalence of quantum and classical key distillationKaszlikowski, D. ; Lim, J.Y.; Kwek, L.C. ; Englert, B.-G. 
103-Dec-2013Coherent states of composite bosonsLee, S.-Y.; Thompson, J.; Kurzyński, P. ; Soeda, A.; Kaszlikowski, D. 
1125-Jun-2004Coincidence Bell inequality for three three-dimensional systemsAcín, A.; Chen, J.L. ; Gisin, N.; Kaszlikowski, D. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. ; Zukowski, M.
1221-Nov-2018Complementarity relations between quantum steering criteriaMONDAL, DEBASIS ; KASZLIKOWSKI, DAGOMIR 
1314-Jan-2014Contextuality in bosonic bunchingKurzyński, P. ; Soeda, A.; Thompson, J.; Kaszlikowski, D. 
1431-Oct-2012Contextuality of almost all qutrit states can be revealed with nine observablesKurzyński, P. ; Kaszlikowski, D. 
153-May-2011Correlation complementarity yields bell monogamy relationsKurzyński, P. ; Paterek, T. ; Ramanathan, R. ; Laskowski, W.; Kaszlikowski, D. 
1616-Sep-2011Criteria for two distinguishable fermions to form a bosonRamanathan, R. ; Kurzynski, P. ; Chuan, T.K.; Santos, M.F.; Kaszlikowski, D. 
1718-Aug-2006Detecting entanglement with a thermometerAnders, J.; Kaszlikowski, D. ; Lunkes, C.; Ohshima, T.; Vedral, V. 
181-Nov-2007Dimensionality-induced entanglement in macroscopic dimer systemsKaszlikowski, D. ; Son, W.; Vedral, V. 
19Nov-2001Entangled three-state systems violate local realism more strongly than qubits: An analytical proofChen, J.-L. ; Kaszlikowski, D. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. ; Zukowski, M. 
201-Dec-2008Entanglement in doped resonating valence bond statesRamanathan, R. ; Kaszlikowski, D. ; Wiesniak, M. ; Vedral, V.