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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
123-Apr-2013Bandyopadhyay, paterek, and kaszlikowski replyBandyopadhyay, J.N. ; Paterek, T. ; Kaszlikowski, D. 
21-Jun-2021Cooperation and dependencies in multipartite systemsKłobus, Waldemar; Miller, Marek; Pandit, Mahasweta; Ganardi, Ray; Knips, Lukas; Dziewior, Jan; Meinecke, Jasmin; Weinfurter, Harald; Laskowski, Wieslaw; Paterek, Tomasz 
33-May-2011Correlation complementarity yields bell monogamy relationsKurzyński, P. ; Paterek, T. ; Ramanathan, R. ; Laskowski, W.; Kaszlikowski, D. 
46-Dec-2011Correlation-tensor criteria for genuine multiqubit entanglementLaskowski, W.; Markiewicz, M.; Paterek, T. ; Zukowski, M.
5Feb-2014Density cubes and higher-order interference theoriesDakić, B.; Paterek, T. ; Brukner, Č.
626-Mar-2013Detecting genuine multipartite entanglement of pure states with bipartite correlationsMarkiewicz, M.; Laskowski, W.; Paterek, T. ; Żukowski, M.
72-Apr-2010Entanglement and communication-reducing properties of noisy N-qubit statesLaskowski, W.; Paterek, T. ; Brukner, C.; Zukowski, M.
8May-2011Entanglement in mutually unbiased basesWieśniak, M.; Paterek, T. ; Zeilinger, A.
95-Aug-2013Entanglement witnesses with variable number of local measurementsLaskowski, W.; Markiewicz, M.; Paterek, T. ; Weinar, R.
1011-Jan-2021Experiment-friendly formulation of quantum backflowMiller, Marek; Yuan, Woo Chee; Dumke, Rainer ; Paterek, Tomasz 
114-Dec-2013Experimental distribution of entanglement with separable carriersFedrizzi, A.; Zuppardo, M.; Gillett, G.G.; Broome, M.A.; Almeida, M.P.; Paternostro, M.; White, A.G.; Paterek, T. 
12May-2011Experimental information complementarity of two-qubit statesFedrizzi, A.; Škerlak, B.; Paterek, T. ; De Almeida, M.P.; White, A.G.
1317-Jun-2021Experimental localisation of quantum entanglement through monitored classical mediatorPal, Soham; Batra, Priya; Krisnanda, Tanjung; Paterek, Tomasz ; Mahesh, T. S.
1411-Jun-2012Experimental schmidt decomposition and state independent entanglement detectionLaskowski, W.; Richart, D.; Schwemmer, C.; Paterek, T. ; Weinfurter, H.
156-May-2015Genuine multipartite entanglement without multipartite correlationsSchwemmer, Chris; Knips, Lukas; Tran, Minh Cong; De Rosier, Anna; Laskowski, Wiesław; Paterek, Tomasz ; Weinfurter, Harald Weinfurter
162018In-vivo biomagnetic characterisation of the American cockroachKong L.-J.; Crepaz H. ; Górecka A.; Urbanek A.; Dumke R. ; Paterek T. 
177-Sep-2012Incompatible local hidden-variable models of quantum correlationsLaskowski, W.; Markiewicz, M.; Paterek, T. ; Wieśniak, M.
1822-Oct-2009Information causality as a physical principlePawłowski, M.; Paterek, T. ; Kaszlikowski, D. ; Scarani, V. ; Winter, A. ; Zukowski, M.
191-Feb-2012Linear optical scheme for producing polarization-entangled NOON statesLee, S.-Y.; Paterek, T. ; Park, H.S.; Nha, H.
203-Aug-2011Local realism of macroscopic correlationsRamanathan, R. ; Paterek, T. ; Kay, A. ; Kurzyński, P. ; Kaszlikowski, D.