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Miniatura, C.
Miniatura, C.
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110-Apr-2013Analytical and numerical study of uncorrelated disorder on a honeycomb latticeLee, K.L.; Grémaud, B. ; Miniatura, C. ; Delande, D.
223-Dec-2009Attractive hubbard model on a honeycomb lattice: Quantum Monte Carlo studyLee, K.L.; Bouadim, K.; Batrouni, G.G.; Hébert, F.; Scalettar, R.T.; Miniatura, C. ; Grémaud, B. 
32010Average transmission probability of a random stackLu, Y.; Miniatura, C. ; Englert, B.-G. 
410-Jan-2012Coherent backscattering of ultracold matter waves: Momentum space signaturesCherroret, N.; Karpiuk, T.; Müller, C.A.; Grémaud, B. ; Miniatura, C. 
57-Nov-2012Coherent forward scattering peak induced by Anderson localizationKarpiuk, T.; Cherroret, N.; Lee, K.L.; Grémaud, B. ; Müller, C.A.; Miniatura, C. 
6Aug-2011Emergent spin liquids in the hubbard model on the anisotropic honeycomb latticeWang, G.; Goerbig, M.O.; Miniatura, C. ; Grémaud, B. 
7Dec-2012Enhanced backscattering of a dilute Bose-Einstein condensateLabeyrie, G.; Karpiuk, T.; Schaff, J.-F.; Grémaud, B. ; Miniatura, C. ; Delande, D.
89-Jun-2010Entanglement detection from interference fringes in atom-photon systemsSuzuki, J.; Miniatura, C. ; Nemoto, K.
917-Aug-2011Exact solution for the degenerate ground-state manifold of a strongly interacting one-dimensional Bose-Fermi mixtureFang, B.; Vignolo, P.; Gattobigio, M.; Miniatura, C. ; Minguzzi, A.
1026-Feb-2009Fermionization of a strongly interacting Bose-Fermi mixture in a one-dimensional harmonic trapFang, B.; Vignolo, P.; Miniatura, C. ; Minguzzi, A.
1113-Jul-2010Finite-temperature quantum Monte Carlo study of the one-dimensional polarized Fermi gasWolak, M.J.; Rousseau, V.G.; Miniatura, C. ; Grémaud, B. ; Scalettar, R.T.; Batrouni, G.G.
1220-Apr-2020Graph-theory treatment of one-dimensional strongly repulsive fermionsDecamp, Jean ; Gong, Jiangbin ; Loh, Huanqian ; Miniatura Christian Pierre-Marie 
1317-Sep-2013Multiple scattering of light in cold atomic clouds in a magnetic fieldSigwarth, O.; Labeyrie, G.; Delande, D.; Miniatura, C. 
1411-Aug-2009One-dimensional Anderson localization in certain correlated random potentialsLugan, P.; Aspect, A.; Sanchez-Palencia, L.; Delande, D.; Grémaud, B. ; Müller, C.A.; Miniatura, C. 
158-Aug-2007Path distinguishability in double scattering of light by atomsMiniatura, C. ; Müller, C.A.; Lu, Y.; Wang, G.; Englert, B.-G. 
1626-May-2009Properties of the photonic hall effect in cold atomic cloudsGrémaud, B. ; Delande, D.; Sigwarth, O.; Miniatura, C. 
17Apr-2009Quantum diffusion of matter waves in 2D speckle potentialsMiniatura, C. ; Kuhn, R.C.; Delande, D.; Müller, C.A.
182008Spin orbit interaction induced spin-separation in platinum nanostructureWeng, K.C.; Chandrasekhar, N. ; Miniatura, C. ; Englert, B.-G. 
1917-Sep-2012Superfluid fountain effect in a Bose-Einstein condensateKarpiuk, T.; Grémaud, B. ; Miniatura, C. ; Gajda, M.
204-Aug-2011Synthetic magnetic fluxes on the honeycomb latticeGórecka, A.; Grémaud, B. ; Miniatura, C.