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Ryan Alistair Chisholm
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Carryover effects from natal habitat type upon competitive ability lead to trait divergence or source–sink dynamicsKristensen, N.P ; Johansson, J; Chisholm, R.A ; Smith, H.G; Kokko, H
22-Jul-2021Estimating tree diameters from an autonomous below-canopy uav with mounted lidarChisholm, Ryan A. ; Rodríguez-Ronderos, M. Elizabeth; Lin, Feng 
326-Aug-2020Invasion growth rate and its relevance to persistence: a response to Technical Comment by Ellner et al.Pande, Jayant; Fung, Tak ; Chisholm, Ryan ; Shnerb, Nadav M
41-Feb-2020Mean growth rate when rare is not a reliable metric for persistence of speciesPande, J; Fung, T; CHISHOLM, RYAN ALISTAIR ; Shnerb, NM
52018Species–area relationships and biodiversity loss in fragmented landscapesChisholm, R.A ; Lim, F ; Yeoh, Y.S; Seah, W.W ; Condit, R; Rosindell, J
61-Jan-2020Temporal population variability in local forest communities has mixed effects on tree species richness across a latitudinal gradientFung, T; CHISHOLM, RYAN ALISTAIR ; Anderson-Teixeira, K; Bourg, N; Brockelman, WY; Bunyavejchewin, S; Chang-Yang, CH; Chitra-Tarak, R; Chuyong, G; Condit, R; Dattaraja, HS; Davies, SJ; Ewango, CEN; Fewless, G; Fletcher, C; Gunatilleke, CVS; Gunatilleke, IAUN; Hao, Z; Hogan, JA; Howe, R; Hsieh, CF; Kenfack, D; Lin, YC; Ma, K; Makana, JR; McMahon, S; McShea, WJ; Mi, X; Nathalang, A; Ong, PS; Parker, G; Rau, EP; Shue, J; Su, SH; Sukumar, R; Sun, IF; Suresh, HS; Tan, S; Thomas, D; Thompson, J; Valencia, R; Vallejo, MI; Wang, X; Wang, Y; Wijekoon, P; Wolf, A; Yap, S; Zimmerman, J
72012Thirty Years of Forest Census at Barro Colorado and the Importance of Immigration in Maintaining DiversityCondit R.; Chisholm R.A. ; Hubbell S.P.
81-Jun-2019Top 100 research questions for biodiversity conservation in Southeast AsiaColeman, JL ; Ascher, JS ; Bickford, D ; Buchori, D; Cabanban, A; Chisholm, RA ; Chong, KY ; Christie, P; Clements, GR ; dela Cruz, TEE; Dressler, W; Edwards, DP; Francis, CM; Friess, DA ; Giam, X; Gibson, L; Huang, D ; Hughes, AC; Jaafar, Z ; Jain, A ; Koh, LP ; Kudavidanage, EP; Lee, BPYH; Lee, J; Lee, TM; Leggett, M; Leimona, B; Linkie, M; Luskin, M; Lynam, A; Meijaard, E; Nijman, V; Olsson, A; Page, S ; Parolin, P; Peh, KSH ; Posa, MR ; Prescott, GW ; Rahman, SA; Ramchunder, SJ ; Rao, M ; Reed, J; Richards, DR ; Slade, EM; Steinmetz, R; Tan, PY ; Taylor, D ; Todd, PA ; Vo, ST; Webb, EL ; Ziegler, AD ; Carrasco, LR