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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12000A biogeographer's construction of tropical lands: A.R. Wallace, biogeographical method and the Malay ArchipelagoTaylor, D. 
21999A sediment-based history of medium altitude forest in central Africa: A record from Kabata Swamp, Ndale volcanic field, UgandaTaylor, D. ; Marchant, R.A.; Robertshaw, P.
3Sep-2019Aquatic ecosystem changes in a global biodiversity hotspot: Evidence from the Albertine Rift, central AfricaMcGlynn, Gayle; Lejju, Julius; Dalton, Catherine; Mooney, Scott D; Rose, Neil L; Tompkins, Adrian M; Bannister, Wayne; Tan, Zu D; Zheng, Xianglin; Rühland, Katherine M; Taylor, David 
415-Mar-2022Climate Governance of Nature-Based Carbon Sinks: A Systematic Literature ReviewLiu Felicia; Miller Michelle Ann ; Taylor David 
51998Dynamics of montane forest in central Africa during the late Holocene: A pollen-based record from western UgandaMarchant, R.; Taylor, D. 
62000Environmental change and political-economic upheaval in precolonial western UgandaTaylor, D. ; Robertshaw, P.; Marchant, R.A.
71999Environmental change and rain forests on the Sunda shelf of Southeast Asia: Drought, fire and the biological cooling of biodiversity hotspotsTaylor, D. ; Sanderson, P.G. ; Saksena, P.; Kucera, K.
82001ERS SAR backscatter a potential real-time indicator of the proneness of modified rainforests to fireCouturier, S. ; Taylor, D. ; Siegert, F.; Hoffmann, A.; Bao, M.Q.
91997Forest utilisation in Sarawak, Malaysia: A case of sustaining the unsustainableDrummond, I.; Taylor, D. 
109-Jul-2019Hybrid Governance of Transboundary Commons: Insights from Southeast AsiaMiller, Michelle Ann ; Middleton, Carl; Rigg, Jonathan ; Taylor, David 
111-Jan-2021Hydrosocial rupture: Causes and consequences for transboundary governanceMiller, Michelle A. ; Alfajri, Department of International Relations, Universitas Abdurrab, Indonesia.; Astuti, Rini ; Grundy-Warr, Carl ; Middleton, Carl; Tan, Zu Dienle ; Taylor, David M. 
125-Oct-2017Influence of Sociocultural Practices on Food and Nutrition Security in Karamoja Subregion of UgandaChristopher Muggaga; Duncan Ongeng; Bazil Mugonola; Ipolto Okello-Uma; Archileo Kaaya; David Taylor 
132001Late quaternary peat formation and vegetation dynamics in a lowland tropical swamp; Nee Soon, SingaporeTaylor, D. ; Yen, O.H.; Sanderson, P.G.; Dodson, J.
141-Mar-2022Making illegality visible: The governance dilemmas created by visualising illegal palm oil plantations in Central Kalimantan, IndonesiaAstuti, R ; Miller, MA ; McGregor, A; Sukmara, MDP; Saputra, W; Sulistyanto; Taylor, D 
152013Medieval Irish chronicles reveal persistent volcanic forcing of severe winter cold events, 431-1649 CELudlow, F; Stine, A.R; Leahy, P; Murphy, E; Mayewski, P.A; Taylor, D ; Killen, J; Baillie, M.G.L; Hennessy, M; Kiely, G
162017New sedimentary evidence reveals a unique history of C4 biomass in continental East Asia since the early MioceneZhou, B; Bird, M; Zheng, H; Zhang, E; Wurster, C.M; Xie, L; Taylor, D 
1717-Nov-2020On the Coattails of Globalization: Migration, Migrants and COVID-19 in AsiaDiana Suhardiman; Jonathan Rigg; Marcel Bandur; Melissa Marschke; Michelle Miller ; Noudsavanh Pheuangsavanh; Mayvong Sayatham; David Taylor 
1824-Feb-2022Policy recommendations for sustainable peatland managementZu Dienle Tan ; Rini Astuti; Helena Varkkey; Michelle Ann Miller ; David Taylor ; Prayoto Tonoto; Benjamin Tay
191998Pollen and mollusc records for environmental change in central Spain during the mid- and late HoloceneTaylor, D.M. ; Pedley, H.M.; Wright, M.W.; Davies, P.
202000Pollen representivity of montane forest taxa in south-west UgandaMarchant, R.; Taylor, D.