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Rigg, Jonathan Digby
Rigg, Jonathan Digby


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Nov-2016Between a rock and a hard place: Vulnerability and precarity in rural NepalRigg, Jonathan Digby ; Oven, Katie J.; Basyal, Gopi Krishna; Lamichhane, Richa
21-May-2015Building liberal resilience? A critical review from developing rural AsiaRigg, Jonathan Digby ; Oven, Katie J.
39-Jul-2019Hybrid Governance of Transboundary Commons: Insights from Southeast AsiaMiller, Michelle Ann ; Middleton, Carl; Rigg, Jonathan ; Taylor, David 
46-Mar-2019Living in an Age of Precarity in 21st Century AsiaTeresita Cruz-Del Rosario ; Jonathan Rigg 
517-Apr-2018Living in Transition: Peasant-Workers Working Between Farmland and the Workplaces of the Urban in Post-Deng China by Thomas Sætre JakobsenKyoko Kusakabe; Jonathan Rigg ; Rye S.A
6Jul-2014Personalizing the middle-income trap: An inter-generational migrant view from rural ThailandRigg, Jonathan Digby ; Promphaking, Buapun; Le Mare, Ann
71-Mar-2015Returning home: The middle-income trap and gendered norms in ThailandLe Mare, Ann; Promphaking, Buapun; Rigg, Jonathan Digby 
82015The best of intentions? Managing disasters and constructions of risk and vulnerability in AsiaOven, Katie J.; Rigg, Jonathan Digby 
91-Sep-2015The devil in the detail: Interpreting livelihood turbulence from a 25-year panel study from ThailandRigg, Jonathan Digby ; Salamanca, Albert M.
101-Feb-2016The puzzle of East and Southeast Asia’s persistent smallholderRigg, Jonathan Digby ; Salamanca, Albert M.; Thompson, Eric Charles 
11Mar-2014The texture of livelihoods: Migration and making a living in HanoiRigg, Jonathan Digby ; Nguyen, Tuan Anh; Luong, Thi Thu Huong
1225-Mar-2019Trading sand, undermining lives: Omitted livelihoods in the global trade in sandVanessa Lamb; Melissa Marschke; Jonathan Rigg