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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012Autonomy and armed separatism in South and Southeast AsiaMiller, M.A. 
21-Jun-2020B/ordering the environmental commonsMiller, MA 
32012ConclusionMiller, M.A. 
42020COVID-19 and ASEAN responses: Comparative policy analysisDjalante, R.; Nurhidayah, L.; Van Minh, H.; Phuong, N.T.N.; Mahendradhata, Y.; Trias, A.; Lassa, J.; Miller, Michelle A. 
5May-2013Decentralizing Indonesian City Spaces as New 'Centers'Miller, M.A. 
69-Oct-2018Disaster Justice in Asia’s Urbanising AnthropoceneMichelle Ann Miller ; Douglass, Mike 
79-Jul-2019Hybrid Governance of Transboundary Commons: Insights from Southeast AsiaMiller, Michelle Ann ; Middleton, Carl; Rigg, Jonathan ; Taylor, David 
81-Jul-2021Hydrosocial Rupture: Causes and Consequences for Transboundary GovernanceMiller, Michelle Ann ; Alfajri, Alfajri; Astuti, Rini; Grundy-Warr, Carl; Middleton, Carl; Tan, Zu; Taylor, David
9May-2011Introduction-ethnic minorities in Asia: Inclusion or exclusion?Miller, M.A. 
10Apr-2012Introduction: Asian Cities in an Era of DecentralisationMiller, M.A. ; Bunnell, T.
11Apr-2011Jakarta in post-Suharto Indonesia: Decentralisation, neo-liberalism and global city aspirationBunnell, T.; Miller, M.A. 
1218-May-2021Market‐based Commons: Social Agroforestry, Fire Mitigation Strategies and Green Supply Chains in Indonesia’s PeatlandsMiller, Michelle Ann 
1317-Nov-2020On the Coattails of Globalization: Migration, Migrants and COVID-19 in AsiaDiana Suhardiman; Jonathan Rigg; Marcel Bandur; Melissa Marschke; Michelle Miller ; Noudsavanh Pheuangsavanh; Mayvong Sayatham; David Taylor 
1424-Feb-2022Policy recommendations for sustainable peatland managementZu Dienle Tan ; Rini Astuti; Helena Varkkey; Michelle Ann Miller ; David Taylor ; Prayoto Tonoto; Benjamin Tay
15Jul-2011Post-disaster economic development in Aceh: Neoliberalization and other economic-geographical imaginariesPhelps, N.A.; Bunnell, T.; Miller, M.A. 
162013Problematizing the interplay between decentralized governance and the urban in asiaMiller, M.A. ; Bunnell, T.
172012Self-governance as a framework for conflict resolution in AcehMiller, M.A. 
182012The problem of armed separatism: Is autonomy the answer?Miller, M.A. 
191-Jan-2021A Transboundary Political Ecology of Volcanic Sand MiningMiller, MA 
202013Urban development in a decentralized Indonesia: Two success stories?Bunnell, T.; Ann Miller, M. ; Phelps, N.A.; Taylor, J.