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Carl E R Grundy-Warr
Grundy-Warr, Carl E.R.
Grundy-Warr, C.E.R.
Grundy-Warr, C.
Grundy-warr, C.
Carl Grundy-Warr
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008Are the Chinese dams to be blamed for the lower water levels in the lower mekong?Lu X. ; Wang J.J.; Carl Grundy-Warr 
2Jun-2012ASEAN and interconnecting regional spheres: Lessons for the Indian Ocean RegionLin, S.; Grundy-Warr, C. 
32005Asian sovereigntyscapesSidaway, J.D. ; Grundy-Warr, C. ; Park, B.-G. 
4Jun-2013Comprehensive research in geographyZiegler, A.D. ; Gillen, J.; Newell, B.; Grundy-Warr, C. ; Wasson, R.J.
516-Jun-2020COVID-19 geopolitics: silence and erasure in Cambodia and Myanmar in times of pandemicGrundy-Warr, Carl E R ; Lin, Shaun Ziqiang
618-Feb-2016Dam influences on liver fluke transmission: Fish infection and human fish consumption behaviorOng, Xueyuan ; Wang, Yi-chen ; Sithithaworn, P.; Grundy-Warr, Carl E.R. ; Paiaksakulrat, P.
72013Dams and Disease Triggers on the Lower Mekong RiverZiegler A.D. ; Petney T.N.; Grundy-Warr C. ; Andrews R.H.; Baird I.G.; Wasson R.J. ; Sithithaworn P.
87-Feb-2022Drastic decline of flood pulse in the Cambodian floodplains (Mekong River and Tonle Sap system)Chua, SDX; Lu, XX ; Oeurng, C; Sok, T; Grundy-Warr, C 
92008Editorial: In the tracks of disasterSidaway, J.D.; Savage, V.R. ; Grundy-warr, C. 
1021-Jan-2011Fighting liverflukes with food safety educationZiegler, A.D. ; Andrews, R.H.; Grundy-Warr, C. ; Sithithaworn, P.; Petney, T.N.
111999Fragmented integration in the Singapore-Indonesian border zone: Southeast Asia's 'Growth Triangle' against the global economyGrundy-Warr, C. ; Perry, M. ; Peachey, K.
122002Geographies of displacement: The Karenni and the Shan across the Myanmar-Thailand borderGrundy-Warr, C. ; Yin, E.W.S.
132008Grounding a natural disaster: Thailand and the 2004 tsunamiRigg, J.; Tan-Mullins, M.; Grundy-Warr, C. ; Law, L.
141-Jan-2021Hydrosocial rupture: Causes and consequences for transboundary governanceMiller, Michelle A. ; Alfajri, Department of International Relations, Universitas Abdurrab, Indonesia.; Astuti, Rini ; Grundy-Warr, Carl ; Middleton, Carl; Tan, Zu Dienle ; Taylor, David M. 
152006Introduction: Re-mapping the 'Growth Triangle': Singapore's cross-border hinterlandBunnell, T. ; Grundy-Warr, C. ; Sidaway, J.D.
16Dec-2011Liberating learning: Thinking beyond 'the grade' in field-based approaches to teachingMalam, L.; Grundy-Warr, C. 
172002Lost in sovereign space: Forced migrants in the territorial trapGrundy-Warr, C. 
182002Lost in sovereign space: Forced migrants in the territorial trapGrundy-Warr, C. 
191-Oct-2021Masculinity and misinformation: Social dynamics of liver fluke infection risk in ThailandWang, Yi-Chen ; Grundy-Warr,Carl E R ; Namsanor, Jutamas ; Kenney-Lazar Miles Richard ; Tang, Charlotte Jie Yi; Goh, Luke Yi Wei ; Chong, Yee Ching ; Sithithaworn, Paiboon; Ngonkum, Sutida; Khuntikeo, Narong
2014-Apr-2020Navigating Sino-Thai ‘rocky’ bilateral ties: The geopolitics of riverine trade in the Greater Mekong SubregionGrundy-Warr, Carl E R ; Lin, Shaun; Lin, Shaun Ziqiang