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Wang Yi-Chen
Wang, Y.-C.
Wang, Yi-chen
Wang, Yi-Chen
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
123-Dec-2019A global regression method for thermal sharpening of urban land surface temperatures from MODIS and LandsatJames Wang; Winston Chow; Yi-Chen Wang 
226-Dec-2016A simplified linear feature matching method using decision tree analysis, weighted linear directional mean, and topological relationshipsIck-Hoi Kim ; Chen-Chieh Feng ; Yi-Chen Wang 
32007Accounting for surveyor inconsistency and bias in estimation of tree density from presettlement land survey recordsKronenfeld, B.J.; Wang, Y.-C. 
42015An ecological study of Bithynia snails, the first intermediate host of Opisthorchis viverrini in northeast ThailandWang, Yi-Chen ; Ho, Cheng Yong Richard ; Feng, Chen-Chieh ; Namsanor, Jutamas; Sithithaworn, Paiboon
530-Jan-2013Asian Primate Species Richness Correlates with RainfallWang, Y.-C. ; Srivathsan, A.; Feng, C.-C. ; Salim, A.; Shekelle, M.
618-Feb-2016Dam influences on liver fluke transmission: Fish infection and human fish consumption behaviorOng, Xueyuan ; Wang, Yi-chen ; Sithithaworn, P.; Grundy-Warr, Carl E.R. ; Paiaksakulrat, P.
72006Do coarse resolution U.S. presettlement land survey records adequately represent the spatial pattern of individual tree species?Wang, Y.-C. ; Larsen, C.P.S.
8Feb-2011Dynamics of Land Surface Temperature in Response to Land-Use/Cover ChangeZhou, X.; Wang, Y.-C. 
92010Effects of clearance and fragmentation on forest compositional change and recovery after 200 years in western New YorkWang, Y.-C. ; Larsen, C.P.S.; Kronenfeld, B.J.
10Jan-2015Effects of positional error on modeling species distributions: a perspective using presettlement land survey recordsTulowiecki, Stephen J.; Larsen, Chris P.S.; Wang, Yi-Chen 
112012Estimation of root zone soil moisture using apparent thermal inertia with MODIS imagery over a tropical catchment in Northern ThailandChang, T.-Y.; Wang, Y.-C. ; Feng, C.-C. ; Ziegler, A.D. ; Giambelluca, T.W.; Liou, Y.-A.
12Apr-2010Evaluation of surface heat fluxes in Chiayi Plain of Taiwan by remotely sensed dataChang, T.-Y.; Liou, Y.-A.; Lin, C.-Y.; Liu, S-C.; Wang, Y.-C. 
13Sep-2012Examining landscape determinants of Opisthorchis viverrini transmissionWang, Y.-C. 
1431-Mar-2017Exploratory Spatiotemporal Analysis in Risk Communication during the MERS Outbreak in South KoreaIck-Hoi Kim ; Chen-Chieh Feng ; Yi-Chen Wang ; Brian Spitzberg; Ming-Hsiang Tsou
151-Jan-2012Forest composition: More altered by future climate change than by Euro-American settlement in western New York and Pennsylvania?Larsen, C.; Kronenfeld, B.; Wang, Y.-C. 
16Oct-2011GIScience research challenges for emergency management in Southeast AsiaFeng, C.-C. ; Wang, Y.-C. 
17Sep-2011How do snails meet fish? Landscape perspective needed to study parasite prevalenceWang, Y.-C. ; Feng, C.-C. ; Sithithaworn, P.; Feng, Y. ; Petney, T.N.
182015Patterns and structures of land use change in the three rivers headwaters region of ChinaYang, Jingbiao; Wang Yi-Chen ; Guo, Luo; Xue, Dayuan
19Jul-2011Patterns and trends in land-use land-cover change research explored using self-organizing mapWang, Y.-C. ; Feng, C.-C. 
20Aug-2009Potential malaria reemergence, northeastern ThailandPetney, T.; Sithithaworn, P.; Satrawaha, R.; Grundy-Warr, C. ; Andrews, R.; Wang, Y.-C. ; Feng, C.-C.