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Feng, Chen-Chieh
Feng, C.-C.
Feng, C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008A Comparison of Mandarin, English, and Russian Definitions of Physical FeaturesFeng, Chen-Chieh ; Sorokine, Alexandre
21-Nov-2012A flexible data integration framework using ontology similarityWu, J. ; Feng, C. ; Chen, C. 
32011A generic attribute-improved RBAC model by using context-aware reasoningFeng, Chen-Chieh ; Yu, Liang 
426-Dec-2016A simplified linear feature matching method using decision tree analysis, weighted linear directional mean, and topological relationshipsIck-Hoi Kim ; Chen-Chieh Feng ; Yi-Chen Wang 
518-Feb-2014An ecological study of Bithynia snails, the first intermediate host of Opisthorchis viverrini in northeast ThailandWang, Yi-Chen ; Ho, Richard Cheng Yong; Sithithaworn, Paiboon; Feng, Chen-Chieh ; Namsanor, Jutamas
62015An ecological study of Bithynia snails, the first intermediate host of Opisthorchis viverrini in northeast ThailandWang, Yi-Chen ; Ho, Cheng Yong Richard ; Feng, Chen-Chieh ; Namsanor, Jutamas; Sithithaworn, Paiboon
72014An Ontology Design Pattern for Surface Water FeaturesSinha, Gaurav; Mark, David; Kolas, Dave; Varanka, Dalia; Romero, Boleslo E; Feng, Chen-Chieh ; Usery, E Lynn; Liebermann, Joshua; Sorokine, Alexandre
82006Application Challenges for Geographic Information Science: Implications for Emergency Management in South East AsiaFeng, Chen-Chieh ; Wang, Yi-Chen 
930-Jan-2013Asian Primate Species Richness Correlates with RainfallWang, Y.-C. ; Srivathsan, A.; Feng, C.-C. ; Salim, A.; Shekelle, M.
102006Class-Based Relations for Hydrographic FeaturesFeng, Chen-Chieh ; Bittner, Thomas
1126-Jul-2016Classifying natural-language spatial relation terms with random forest algorithmShihong Du; Xiaonan Wang; Chen-Chieh Feng ; Xiuyuan Zhang
12Feb-2014Combining Geo‐SOM and Hierarchical Clustering to Explore Geospatial DataFeng, Chen-Chieh ; Wang, Yi‐Chen ; CHEN CHIH-YUAN 
13Jun-2014Comparing English, Mandarin, and Russian hydrographic and terrain categoriesFeng, Chen-Chieh ; Sorokine, Alexandre
142010Conceptualizing Representational Semantics: A Multiple Layered Spatial Data Integration Framework Based on OntologyFeng, Chen-Chieh ; Liang, Yu 
1520-Apr-2018Coupling maximum entropy modeling with geotagged social media data to determine the geographic distribution of touristsYingwei Yan; Chiao-Ling Kuo; Chen-Chieh Feng ; Wei Huang; Hongchao Fan; Alexander Zipf
1631-Mar-2017Cross-Linguistic Research on Landscape Categories using GEOnet Names Server Data: A Case Study for Indonesia and MalaysiaFENG CHEN-CHIEH ; David Mark
172015Design and implementation strategy of a parallel agent-based Schelling modelKim Ick-Hoi; Tsou, Ming-Hsiang; Feng, Chen-Chieh 
18Nov-2013Environmental determinants of Opisthorchis viverrini prevalence in northeast ThailandWang, Yi-Chen ; Feng, Chen-Chieh ; Sithithaworn, Paiboon
192012Estimation of root zone soil moisture using apparent thermal inertia with MODIS imagery over a tropical catchment in Northern ThailandChang, T.-Y.; Wang, Y.-C. ; Feng, C.-C. ; Ziegler, A.D. ; Giambelluca, T.W.; Liou, Y.-A.
202012Exploratory spatial analysis of typhoon characteristics in the North Pacific basinFeng, C.-C. ; Terry, J.P.