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Sidaway,James Derrick
Sidaway, James Derrick
Sidaway, J.
Sidaway, J.D.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005Asian sovereigntyscapesSidaway, J.D. ; Grundy-Warr, C. ; Park, B.-G. 
22003Banal geopolitics resumedSidaway, J.D. 
3Jan-2012Celebrating thirty years of Political GeographyO'Loughlin, J.; Raento, P.; Sidaway, J.D. ; Steinberg, P.E.
431-Mar-2017Chinese Narratives on ?One Belt, One Road? (????) in Geopolitical and Imperial ContextsJames Sidaway ; Chih Yuan Woon 
52002Constructing knowledges of 'emerging markets': UK-based investment managers and their overseas connectionsSidaway, J.D. ; Bryson, J.R.
615-Oct-2018Decolonizing Border Studies?James Sidaway 
72005Deconstructing twinned towers: Lisbon's Expo '98 and the occluded geographies of discoveryPower, M.; Sidaway, J.D. 
82003Editorial introduction: Geography and postcolonialismSidaway, James Derrick ; Bunnell, Tim Gwyn ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
92005Editorial: Lessons in geographySidaway, J.D. ; Teo, P. 
1017-Feb-2020Financing the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): research agendas beyond the "debt-trap" discourseKaren Lai; Shaun Lin ; James Sidaway 
116-Jul-2018Geography: History and Concepts by Arild Holt-JensenJames Sidaway 
12Aug-2005Guest editorialOlds, K.; Sidaway, J.D. ; Sparke, M.
132004Halford Mackinder and the 'geographical pivot of history': A centennial retrospectiveDodds, K.; Sidaway, J.D. 
142001Iraq/Yugoslavia: Banal geopoliticsSidaway, J.D. 
152002Nostalgia for the future:1 the geoeconomics and geopolitics of the EuroPollard, J.S.; Sidaway, J.D. 
162002Nostalgia for the future:1the geoeconomics and geopolitics of the EuroPollard, J.S.; Sidaway, J.D. 
172006On the nature of the beast: Re-charting political geographies of the European UnionSidaway, J.D. 
182002Pacific dreaming, APEC, ASEAN and their geographies: Reflections on Poon (2001)Sidaway, J.D. 
192002Photography as geographical fieldworkSidaway, J.D. 
202002Photography as geographical fieldworkSidaway, J.D.