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110-Jul-2012A morpho-molecular prognostic model for hepatocellular carcinomaSrivastava, S ; Wong, KF ; Ong, CW ; Chan, YH ; Yeoh, KG ; Teh, M ; Luk, JM ; Salto-Tellez, M 
22016Evidence for Photoinduced Insulator-to-Metal transition in B-phase vanadium dioxideLourembam, J; Srivastava, A ; La-O-Vorakiat, C; Cheng, L; Venkatesan, T ; Chia, E.E.M
31-Jun-2011Gastric pseudolipomatosis: biopsy follow-up and immunohistochemical analysis of a rare conditionSrivastava, Supriya ; Subramaniam, Manish Mani ; Guan, Yeoh Khay ; Ming, The ; Salto-Tellez, Manuel 
42016Magnetic Modes in Rare Earth Perovskites: A Magnetic-Field-Dependent Inelastic Light Scattering studySaha, S ; Cao, B.-C; Motapothula, M ; Cong, C.-X; Sarkar, T ; Srivastava, A ; Sarkar, S ; Patra, A ; Ghosh, S ; Ariando ; Coey, J.M.D ; Yu, T; Venkatesan, T 
52015New insights into the diverse electronic phases of a novel vanadium dioxide polymorph: A terahertz spectroscopy studyLourembam, James; Srivastava, Amar ; La-O-Vorakiat, Chan; Rotella, H�l�ne ; Venkatesan, Thirumalai ; Chia, Elb?ert E M
61-Mar-2012Nuclear p53 Expression Is Associated With Allelic Imbalance (TP53) in Glandular Dysplasia and Typical Cystitis Glandularis: A LCM-Based Molecular AnalysisSrivastava, Supriya ; Yan, Benedict; Chin, Sze Yung ; Muliana, Tuty ; Salto-Tellez, Manuel ; Teh, Ming 
71-Jul-2010p16INK4A and MIB-1: An immunohistochemical expression in preneoplasia and neoplasia of the cervixSrivastava, Supriya 
82015Selective growth of single phase VO2(A, B, and M) polymorph thin filmsSrivastava, A ; Rotella, H ; Saha, S ; Pal, B; Kalon, G ; Mathew, S ; Motapothula, M ; Dykas, M ; Yang, P ; Okunishi, E; Sarma, D.D; Venkatesan, T 
92015Switchable Ultrathin Quarter-wave Plate in Terahertz Using Active Phase-change MetasurfaceWang, D; Zhang, L ; Gu, Y ; Mehmood, M.Q ; Gong, Y; Srivastava, A ; Jian, L ; Venkatesan, T ; Qiu, C.-W ; Hong, M