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Ekaputra Andrew Krishna
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Ekaputra, A.K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2010An electrospun polycaprolactone-collagen membrane for the resurfacing of cartilage defectsHo, S.T.B.; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Hui, J.H.; Hutmacher, D.W.
22007Biomaterials/scaffolds. Design of bioactive, multiphasic PCL/collagen type I and type II-PCL-TCP/collagen composite scaffolds for functional tissue engineering of osteochondral repair tissue by using electrospinning and FDM techniques.Schumann, D.; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Lam, C.X. ; Hutmacher, D.W. 
3Feb-2011Biomimetic composite coating on rapid prototyped scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringArafat, M.T.; Lam, C.X.F. ; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Wong, S.Y.; Li, X.; Gibson, I. 
41-Oct-2010Colonization and osteogenic differentiation of different stem cell sources on electrospun nanofiber meshesKolambkar, Y.M.; Peister, A.; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Hutmacher, D.W.; Guldberg, R.E.
5Aug-2008Combining electrospun scaffolds with electrosprayed hydrogels leads to three-dimensional cellularization of hybrid constructsEkaputra, A.K. ; Prestwich, G.D.; Cool, S.M.; Hutmacher, D.W.
61-Dec-2009Composite electrospun scaffolds for engineering tubular bone graftsEkaputra, A.K. ; Zhou, Y.; Cool, S.M.; Hutmacher, D.W.
7Apr-2014Effects of scaffold architecture on cranial bone healingBerner, A.; Woodruff, M.A.; Lam, C.X.F.; Arafat, M.T.; Saifzadeh, S.; Steck, R.; Ren, J.; Nerlich, M.; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Gibson, I. ; Hutmacher, D.W.
8May-2008Electro-spinning of pure collagen nano-fibres - Just an expensive way to make gelatin?Zeugolis, D.I. ; Khew, S.T.; Yew, E.S.Y. ; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Tong, Y.W. ; Yung, L.-Y.L. ; Hutmacher, D.W. ; Sheppard, C. ; Raghunath, M. 
921-Sep-2011High performance additive manufactured scaffolds for bone tissue engineering applicationTarik Arafat, M.; Lam, C.X.F. ; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Wong, S.Y.; He, C. ; Hutmacher, D.W.; Li, X.; Gibson, I. 
102008In vitro and in vivo analysis of co-electrospun scaffolds made of medical grade poly(ε-caprolactone) and porcine collagenChen, Z.C.C.; Gauthaman, K. ; Adaikan, P.G. ; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Yu, H.; Hutmacher, D.W.
111-May-2008In vitro and in vivo analysis of co-electrospun scaffolds made of medical grade poly(ε-caprolactone) and porcine collagenChen, Z.C.C.; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Gauthaman, K.; Adaikan, P.G.; Yu, H. ; Hutmacher, D.W.
122010The Evaluation of a Biphasic Osteochondral Implant Coupled with an Electrospun Membrane in a Large Animal ModelHo, S.T.B. ; Hitendra, D.; Hui, J.H. ; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Hutmacher, D.W.
13Jun-2009Towards a Medium/High Load-Bearing Scaffold Fabrication SystemGibson, I. ; Savalani, M.M.; Lam, C.X. ; Olkowski, R.; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Tan, K.C.; Hutmacher, D.W.