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Gibson, I.
Gibson, Ian

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1Nov-2007A 6-DOF haptic interface and its applications in CADGao, Z.; Gibson, I. 
2Sep-2008A finite element simulator for spine orthopaedics with haptic interfaceZhan, G. ; Gibson, I. 
32010Additive manufacturing technologies: Rapid prototyping to direct digital manufacturingGibson, I. ; Rosen, D.W.; Stucker, B.
42012Additive manufacturing: Rapid prototyping comes of ageCampbell, I.; Bourell, D.; Gibson, I. 
52010Biomechanical response simulation of tetrahedral mass-spring model of intervertebral disc in a spine segment with haptic interfaceHuynh, K.T.; Gibson, I. ; Lu, W.F. 
6Feb-2011Biomimetic composite coating on rapid prototyped scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringArafat, M.T.; Lam, C.X.F. ; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Wong, S.Y.; Li, X.; Gibson, I. 
72009Composite PLDLLA/TCP Scaffolds for Bone Engineering: Mechanical and In Vitro EvaluationsLam, C.X.F. ; Olkowski, R.; Swieszkowski, W.; Tan, K.C.; Gibson, I. ; Hutmacher, D.W. 
8Nov-2013Computational biomechanical modeling of scoliotic spine: Challenges and opportunitiesJalalian, A.; Gibson, I. ; Tay, E.H. 
92011Curved layer fused deposition modeling in conductive polymer additive manufacturingDiegel, O.; Singamneni, S.; Huang, B.; Gibson, I. 
102009Detailed spine modeling with LifeMOD™Tay, S.K.; Gibson, I. ; Jagdish, B.N. 
112015Development and validation of a discretised multi-body spine model in LifeMOD for biodynamic behaviour simulationHuynh Kim Tho; Gibson, Ian ; Jagdish B.N.; Lu W.F.
122012Development of a virtual musculo-skeletal, multi-body scoliotic spine modelHajizadeh, K.; Liu, G.; Gibson, I. ; Huang, M.
131-Oct-2007Development of epoxy matrix composites for rapid tooling applicationsMa, S.; Gibson, I. ; Balaji, G.; Hu, Q.J.
142012Effect of sitting posture on spine joint angles and forcesHuang, M.; Lee, T. ; Gibson, I. ; Hajizadeh, K.
15Apr-2014Effects of scaffold architecture on cranial bone healingBerner, A.; Woodruff, M.A.; Lam, C.X.F.; Arafat, M.T.; Saifzadeh, S.; Steck, R.; Ren, J.; Nerlich, M.; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Gibson, I. ; Hutmacher, D.W.
162007Experimental investigation and computer simulation of wheelchair cushionsClara, S.K.; Ruth, T.E.S.; Gibson, I. ; Zhan, G. 
172008Finite element simulation of the spine with haptic interfaceGibson, I. ; Zhan, G. 
182008Fusion behavior of TrueFormTM/SiO2 composite powders during selective laser sinteringFan, K.M.; Cheung, W.L.; Gibson, I. 
192011Getting rid of the wires: Curved layer fused deposition modeling in conductive polymer additive manufacturingDiegel, O.; Singamneni, S.; Huang, B.; Gibson, I. 
20Jun-2006Haptic sculpting of multi-resolution B-spline surfaces with shaped toolsGao, Z.; Gibson, I.