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Lee Taeyong
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Lee, T.
Lee, T.-Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2010A novel gait platform to measure isolated plantar metatarsal forces during walkingChen, W.-M.; Vee-Sin Lee, P.; Park, S.-B.; Lee, S.-J.; Phyau Wui Shim, V. ; Lee, T. 
22011Adaptive in vivo mechanical responses of sub-metatarsal pad in relation to gaitChen, W.-M.; Shim, V.P.W. ; Park, S.B.; Lee, T. 
3Jun-2013Administration of PTH and ibandronate increases ovariectomized rat compact bone viscoelasticityYang, X.; Teoh, S.-H.; DasDe, S.; Lee, T. 
43-Jun-2011An instrumented tissue tester for measuring soft tissue property under the metatarsal heads in relation to metatarsophalangeal joint angleChen, W.-M.; Phyau-Wui Shim, V. ; Park, S.-B.; Lee, T. 
5Sep-2009Assessing the susceptibility to local buckling at the femoral neck cortex to age-related bone lossLee, T. ; Choi, J.B.; Schafer, B.W.; Segars, W.P.; Eckstein, F.; Kuhn, V.; Beck, T.J.
62013Assessment of plantar soft tissue stiffness as a consequence of tissue glycationLee, T. ; Park, J.; Park, S.-B.; Teoh, J.C.
72011Assessment of reginal plantar shear forces at sub-MTH pad/foot-supporting interface in walkingChen, W.-M.; Shim, V.P.W. ; Park, S.B.; Lee, T. 
82011Biomechanical influence of footwear with double rocker/wedged outsole profile on lower extremityChen, W.-M.; Chua, T.L.; Park, S.B.; Lee, T. 
92012Effect of sitting posture on spine joint angles and forcesHuang, M.; Lee, T. ; Gibson, I. ; Hajizadeh, K.
10May-2010Effects of internal stress concentrations in plantar soft-tissue-A preliminary three-dimensional finite element analysisChen, W.-M.; Lee, T. ; Lee, P.V.-S.; Lee, J.W.; Lee, S.-J.
116-Jul-2012Estradiol influences the mechanical properties of human fetal osteoblasts through cytoskeletal changesMuthukumaran, P.; Lim, C.T. ; Lee, T. 
129-Nov-2010Fast tool for evaluation of iliac crest tissue elastic properties using the reduced-basis methodsLee, T. ; Garlapati, R.R. ; Lam, K.; Lee, P.V.S.; Chung, Y.-S.; Choi, J.B.; Vincent, T.B.C. ; Das De, S.
13Dec-2010Fast tool for evaluation of iliac crest tissue elastic properties using the reduced-basis methods.Lee, T. ; Garlapati, R.R.; Lam, K.; Lee, P.V.; Chung, Y.S.; Choi, J.B.; Vincent, T.B.; Das De, S.
141-May-2011Ibandronate does not reduce the anabolic effects of PTH in ovariectomized rat tibiae: A microarchitectural and mechanical studyYang, X.; Chan, Y.H.; Muthukumaran, P.; DasDe, S.; Teoh, S.-H. ; Lee, T. 
15Dec-2013Implications of local osteoporosis on the efficacy of anti-resorptive drug treatment: A 3-year follow-up finite element study in risedronate-treated womenAnitha, D.; Kim, K.J.; Lim, S.-K.; Lee, T. 
16Feb-2014Improvement of viscoelastic damping by using manganese bronze with indiumJeeva, L.L.; Choi, J.B.; Lee, T. 
17Jun-2011Improvement of viscoelastic damping in nickel aluminum bronze by indium-tinLee, T. 
182013Investigation of landing patterns in forefoot strike (FFS) and rearfoot strike (RFS) using 3D finite element analysisTeoh, J.C.; Park, J.; Park, S.; Lee, T. 
192009Investigation of plantar barefoot pressure and soft-tissue internal stress: A three-dimensional finite element analysisChen, W.-M.; Lee, P.V.-S.; Lee, S.-J.; Lee, T. 
2017-Sep-2013Investigation of the biomechanical effect of variable stiffness shoe on external knee adduction moment in various dynamic exercisesTeoh, J.C.; Low, J.H.; Lim, Y.B.; Shim, V.P.W. ; Park, J.; Park, S.-B.; Park, S.J.; Lee, T.