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Hock Ann, Lionel Wee
Lionel, W.
Wee, L.
Wee, Hock Ann Lionel
Wee, L.H.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2007A pedagogical application of liminalities in social positioning: Identity and literacy in SingaporeStroud, C.; Lionel, W. 
2Sep-2011A practice-based critique of English as a Lingua FrancaPark, J.S.-Y. ; Wee, L. 
32006Anxiety and identity in the language classroomStroud, C. ; Wee, L. 
42008Appropriating the language of the other: Performativity in autonomous and unified marketsPark, J.S.-Y. ; Wee, L. 
52010`Burdens' and 'handicaps' in Singapore's language policy: On the limits of language managementWee, L. 
62005Class-inclusion and correspondence models as discourse types: A framework for approaching metaphorical discourseWee, L. 
72005Constructing the source: Metaphor as a discourse strategyWee, L. 
8Jun-2007Consuming identities: Language planning and policy in Singaporean late modernityStroud, C.; Wee, L. 
915-Aug-2018Diversity management and the presumptive universality of categories: the case of the Indians in SingaporeRitu jain; Lionel Wee 
102001Divorce before marriage in the Singapore-Malaysia relationship: The invariance principle at workWee, L. 
112010English in Singapore: Modernity and ManagementLionel Wee ; Anne Pakir ; Lisa Lim
122010English in Singapore: Policies and prospectsLim, L.; Pakir, A. ; Wee, L. 
131998English Structure and MeaningTalib, Ismail Bin Said ; Wee, Hock Ann Lionel 
142004`Extreme communicative acts' and the boosting of illocutionary forceWee, L. 
152005Intra-language discrimination and linguistic human rights: The case of singlishWee, L. 
162008Introduction: Political economies of literacy in multilingual South-east AsiaStroud, C. ; Wee, L. 
172005Language policy and nationalist ideology: Statal narratives in SingaporeWee, L. ; Bokhorst-Heng, W.D.
18Jul-2011Language policy mistakes in Singapore: Governance, expertise and the deliberation of language ideologiesWee, L. 
192007Linguistic human rights and mobilityWee, L. 
202003Linguistic instrumentalism in SingaporeWee, L.