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Pakir, Anne
Pakir, A.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004Applied Linguistics in Asia: Pathways, patterns and predictionsPakir, A. 
22005Applied linguistics proper? Relocation, reorientation, and realignmentPakir, A. 
31995Beginning at the End: "Bilingual Education for All" in Singapore and Teacher EducationPakir, A. 
41999Bilingual Education with English as an Official Language: Sociocultural ImplicationsPakir, A. 
51999Connecting with English in the Context of InternationalisationPakir, A. 
6Sep-2010Current research on Englishes in Southeast AsiaPakir, A. 
71994Educational Linguistics: Looking to the EastPakir, A. 
82009English as a lingua franca: Analyzing research frameworks in international English, world Englishes, and ELFPakir, A. 
92010English as a Lingua Franca: Negotiating Singapore's English language educationPakir, A. 
102010English in Singapore: Modernity and ManagementLionel Wee ; Anne Pakir ; Lisa Lim
112010English in Singapore: Policies and prospectsLim, L.; Pakir, A. ; Wee, L. 
1219-Feb-2018English in Singapore: Striking a New Balance for Future-ReadinessEe-Ling LOW; Anne Pakir 
1324-Oct-2016Founding father of World Englishes, Professor Braj B. Kachru, passes away at age 84Anne Pakir 
141993Issues in Second Language Curriculum Development: Singapore, Malaysia, BruneiPakir, A. 
151989Linguistic Alternants and Code Selection in Baba MalayPakir, A. 
162012National university of Singapore (NUS)-Russia: State of collaborationPakir, A. 
172009Perspectives in Lexicography: Asia in BeyondOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent ; Pakir, Anne ; Talib, Ismail Bin Said ; Tan, Kok Wan Peter 
1826-May-2019Professor Michael Alexander Kirkwood (M.A.K.) Halliday, 1925–2018, founding father of Systemic Functional LinguisticsAnne Pakir 
191998Society, style and Structure in LanguageAlsagoff, Lubna ; Bao, Zhiming ; Talib, Ismail Bin Said ; Pakir, Anne ; Wee, Hock Ann Lionel 
201988The Baba Malay Lexicon: Hokkien Loanwords in Baba MalayPakir, A.