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Tan Kok Wan,Peter
Tan, P.K.W.
Tan, P.
Tan, Kok Wan Peter

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Analyzing personal weblogs in Singapore English: the Wmatrix approachOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent ; Tan, Kok Wan Peter ; Chiang, Kok Leong Andy 
22008Attitudes towards non-standard English in SingaporeTan, P.K.W. ; Tan, D.K.H.
311-Jul-2019Dramatised heteroglossia: race as heteroglossic in a Singaporean playTan Kok Wan, Peter ; Wong, Jing Yi
42001Englishised Names?Tan, P.K.W. 
51998Malay Loan Words across Different Dialects of EnglishTan, P. 
624-Aug-2021Names as linguistic capital: street names and names of apartment buildings in MalaysiaTan, Peter Kok Wan 
715-Apr-2021Naming as styling: 'inauthenticity' in building names in SingaporeTAN KOK WAN,PETER 
82009Perspectives in Lexicography: Asia in BeyondOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent ; Pakir, Anne ; Talib, Ismail Bin Said ; Tan, Kok Wan Peter 
9Nov-2021Review of 'Visualising Multilingual Lives: More than Words' by Paula Kalaja and Silvia Melo-Pfeifer (eds)Tan, Peter Kok Wan 
101-Nov-2020Street name changes as language and identity inscription in the cityscapeTan Kok Wan, Peter ; Purschke, Christophe
112016The Limits of Commemorative Naming: A Consideration through Cases of Name Change for University BuildingsTan Kok Wan, Peter 
12Dec-2007The struggle for a standard: Evidence from place namesTan, P.K.W. 
13Dec-2006Towards a standardization of personal names: The case of the ethnic Chinese in SingaporeTan, P.K.W. 
142005Words in Asian cultural contexts: Proceedings of the 4th Asialex Conference 1-3 June 2005, M Hotel, SingaporeOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent ; Pakir, Anne ; Talib, Ismail Bin Said ; Tan, Lynn; Tan, Kok Wan Peter ; Tan, Ying Ying