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Joseph Sung-Yul Park
Sung-Yul Park, J.
Park, J.S.-Y.
Park, Joseph Sung-Yul


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2011A practice-based critique of English as a Lingua FrancaPark, J.S.-Y. ; Wee, L. 
22008Appropriating the language of the other: Performativity in autonomous and unified marketsPark, J.S.-Y. ; Wee, L. 
32014Figures of personhoodPark, Joseph Sung-Yul 
47-Jun-2022Foreign language education at the nexus of neoliberalism and coloniality: subjectivity in South Korean discourses of education reformJoseph Sung-Yul Park 
5Jun-2011Framing, stance, and affect in Korean metalinguistic discoursePark, J.S.-Y. 
62009Introduction; Public transcripts: Entextualization and linguistic representation in institutional contextsxPark, J.S.-Y. ; Bucholtz, M.
72009Language ideologies in educational migration: Korean jogi yuhak families in SingaporePark, J.S.-Y. ; Bae, S.
822-Aug-2018Mediatizing neoliberalism: The discursive construction of education’s 'future'Joseph Sung-Yul Park 
92010Naturalization of competence and the neoliberal subject: Success stories of english language learning in the Korean conservative pressPark, J.S.-Y. 
102009Regimenting languages on Korean television: Subtitles and institutional authorityPark, J.S.-Y. 
112008The language politics of "English fever" in South KoreaShim, D. ; Park, J.S.-Y. 
1211-Jul-2019The Politics of Emotions in ELT: Structure of Feeling and Anxiety of Korean English TeachersJuyoung Song; Joseph Sung-Yul Park 
13Jul-2011The promise of english: Linguistic capital and the neoliberal worker in the South Korean job marketPark, J.S.-Y. 
142009The three circles redux: A markettheoretic perspective on world englishesPark, J.S.-Y. ; Wee, L.
15Apr-2012Transnational South Korea as a site for a sociolinguistics of globalization: Markets, timescales, neoliberalismSung-Yul Park, J. ; Lo, A.
162008Two processes of reproducing monolingualism in South KoreaPark, J.S.-Y. 
1722-Dec-2020Why linguistic entrepreneurship?De Costa, Peter, I; Park, Joseph Sung-Yul ; Wee, Lionel