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Yew Long Lo
Lo, Y.L.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Acute ataxia, Graves' disease, and stiff person syndromeChia S.-Y.; Chua R.; Lo Y.-L. ; Wong M.-C. ; Chan L.-L. ; Tan E.-K. 
22004Alpha-synuclein haplotypes implicated in risk of Parkinson's diseaseTan E.-K. ; Chai A.; Teo Y.Y. ; Zhao Y.; Tan C.; Shen H.; Chandran V.R.; Teoh M.L.; Yih Y.; Pavanni R. ; Wong M.C. ; Puvan K. ; Lo Y.L. ; Yap E. 
32011Auditory hallucinations and migraine of possible brainstem originLo, Y.L ; Hameed, S ; Rumpel, H; Chan, L.L 
42007Bilateral trapezius hypertrophy with dystonia and atrophyTan E.-K. ; Lo Y.-L. ; Thomas J.; Chan L.-L. 
52009Cerebellar control of motor activation and cancellation in humans: An electrophysiological studyLo, Y.L. ; Fook-Chong, S.; Chan, L.L.; Ong, W.Y. 
62010Clinical and physiological effects of transcranial electrical stimulation position on motor evoked potentials in scoliosis surgeryLo, Y.L ; Dan, Y.F; Tan, Y.E; Teo, A; Tan, S.B ; Yue, W.M ; Guo, C.M ; Fook-Chong, S
72003Cortical excitability changes associated with musical tasks: A transcranial magnetic stimulation study in humansLo Y.L. ; Fook-Chong S. ; Lau D.P.C.; Tan E.K. 
82015Cortical Reorganization Is Associated with Surgical Decompression of Cervical Spondylotic MyelopathyGreen, A; Cheong, P.W.T; Fook-Chong, S; Tiruchelvarayan, R ; Guo, C.M ; Yue, W.M ; Chen, J; Lo, Y.L 
92010Electrophysiological evidence of cerebellar fiber system involvement in the Miller Fisher syndromeLo, Y.L. ; Ratnagopal, P.; Fook-Chong, S.; Chan, L.L.; Ong, W.Y. 
102008Graves disease and isolated orthostatic tremorTan E.K. ; Lo Y.L. ; Chan L.L. 
112007Immunotherapy for diabetic amyotrophyChan, Y.-C.; Lo, Y.L. ; Chan, E.S.Y.
122009Immunotherapy for diabetic amyotrophy.Chan, Y.C.; Lo, Y.L. ; Chan, E.S.
132012Immunotherapy for diabetic amyotrophy.Chan, Y.C. ; Lo, Y.L. ; Chan, E.S. 
142003Increased cortical excitability in human deceptionLo Y.L. ; Fook-Chong S. ; Tan E.K. 
152003Is hypertension associated with hemifacial spasm? [1] (multiple letters)Colosimo C.; Chianese M.; Romano S.; Vanacore N.; Tan E.K. ; Chan L.L. ; Lo Y.L. 
162007Isolated facial myorhythmiaTan E.-K. ; Chan L.-L. ; Lo Y.-L. 
172003"Myorhythmia" slow facial tremor from chronic interferon alpha-2a usageTan E.-K. ; Chan L.-L. ; Lo Y.-L. 
182016Presynaptic neuromuscular transmission defect in the stiff person syndromeLo, Y.L ; Tan, Y.E
192004Restless hand symptoms in carpal tunnel syndromeTan E.-K. ; Koh K.K.; Arulanandam S.; Lo Y.L. 
202017Risk factors for respiratory failure of motor neuron disease in a multiracial Asian populationDeng X.; Hao Y.; Xiao B.; Tan E.-K. ; Lo Y.-L.