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Rohitkumar H Vora
(not current staff)
Vora, R.H.
Vora, R.K.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120-Feb-2003Electroless plating of copper on fluorinated polyimide films modified by plasma graft copolymerization and UV-induced graft copolymerization with 4-vinylpyridineWang, W.C.; Vora, R.K.H. ; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. 
2Feb-2004Electroless Plating of Copper on Fluorinated Polyimide Films Modified by Surface Graft Copolymerization with 1-Vinylimidazole and 4-VinylpyridineWang, W.C.; Vora, R.H. ; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. 
32005Experimental investigation and Monte Carlo Simulation of glass transition in polymer nanocompositesJayaganthan, R. ; Vora, R.H. 
415-Dec-2005Fluorinated polyimides grafted with poly(ethylene glycol) side chains by the RAFT-mediated process and their membranesChen, Y.; Chen, L.; Nie, H.; Kang, E.T. ; Vora, R.H. 
521-Nov-2003Gas-Sorption Properties of 6FDA-Durene/1,4-Phenylenediamine (pPDA) and 6FDA-Durene/1,3-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) CopolyimidesCheng, S.-X.; Chung, T.-S. ; Wang, R.; Vora, R.H. 
62005Investigation into the effects of transformer oil on fluoro poly(ether imide)s and their nanocomposites filmsSarathi, R.; Deepa, S.; Mishra, A.K.; Vora, R.H. 
72002Kinetics of thermal degradation of 6FDA based copolyimides - ISanthana Gopala Krishnan, P.; Vora, R.H. ; Veeramani, S.; Hong Goh, S. ; Chung, T.-S. 
822-Nov-2002Molecular mass determination of polyamic acid ionic salt by size-exclusion chromatographyKrishnan, P.S.G.; Veeramani, S.; Vora, R.H. ; Chung, T.-S. ; Uchimura, S.-I.; Sugitani, H.
95-Jan-2004Nanoporous Ultra-Low-κ Films Prepared from Fluorinated Polyimide with Grafted Poly(acrylic acid) Side ChainsWang, W.-C.; Vora, R.H. ; Kang, E.-T. ; Neoh, K.-G. ; Ong, C.-K. ; Chen, L.-F. 
1019-Feb-2003pH-sensitive fluorinated polyimides with grafted acid and base side chainsWang, W.C.; Vora, R.H. ; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. ; Liaw, D.J.
1125-Apr-2003Preparation and characterization of 4,4′-bis(4-aminophenoxy)diphenyl sulfone based fluoropoly(ether-imide)/organo-modified clay nanocompositesVora, R.H. ; Pallathadka, P.K.; Goh, S.H. ; Chung, T.-S. ; Lim, Y.X.; Bang, T.K.
12Jan-2005Studies on ionic salt of polyamic acid and related compoundsKrishnan, P.S.G.; Vora, R.H. ; Chung, T.-S. ; Uchimura, S.-I.; Sasaki, N.
136-Aug-2003Synthesis and characterization of fluorinated polyimide with grafted poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) side chains and the temperature-sensitive microfiltration membranesWang, W.C.; Ong, G.T.; Lim, S.L.; Vora, R.H. ; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. 
142000Synthesis and properties of fluoro-polyetherimidesVora, R.H. ; Goh, S.H. ; Chung, T.-S. 
152005Synthesis, fabrication, characterization, properties and thermo-oxldatlve stability study of poly(ether imlde)/MMT clay nanocompositesVora, R.H. ; Jayaganthan, R. ; Wang, Z.; Thin, E.T.; Bang, T.K.
162002Thermal degradation kinetics of 6FDA/durene diamine/pPDA copolyimidesKrishnan, P.S.G.; Vora, R.H. ; Veeramani, S.