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Sun Wen Quan,Wendell
Sun, W.Q.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-1999An improved dehydration protocol for cryopreservation of Brassica napus somatic embryosLi, C.; Loh, C.-S. ; Sun, W.Q. 
2Dec-2003Biopolymer volume change and water clustering function of primed Vigna radiata seedsSun, W.Q. ; Liang, Y.; Huang, S.; Fu, J.
32008Change in glass transition temperature upon priming of Impatiens walleriana seeds does not explain their reduced longevityMurthy, U.M.N.; Kumar, P.P. ; Sun, W.Q. 
4Dec-1997Correlation of modified water sorption properties with the decline of storage stability of osmotically-primed seeds of Vigna radiata (L.) WilczekSun, W.Q. ; Koh, D.C.Y.; Ong, C.-M.
5Jul-1997Cytoplasmic vitrification and survival of anhydrobiotic organismsSun, W.Q. ; Leopold, A.C.
6Sep-1999Desiccation sensitivity and activities of free radical-scavenging enzymes in recalcitrant Theobroma cacao seedsLi, C.; Sun, W.Q. 
72000Desiccation tolerance of recalcitrant Theobroma cacao embryonic axes: The optimal drying rate and its physiological basisLiang, Y.; Sun, W.Q. 
82000Dielectric relaxation of water and water-plasticized biomolecules in relation to cellular water organization, cytoplasmic viscosity, and desiccation tolerance in recalcitrant seed tissuesSun, W.Q. 
91-May-2003Differential mechanisms to induce dehydration tolerance by abscisic acid and sucrose in Spathoglottis plicata (Orchidaceae) protocormsWang, X.-J.; Loh, C.-S. ; Yeoh, H.-H. ; Sun, W.Q. 
102001Effect of sucrose/raffinose mass ratios on the stability of co-lyophilized protein during storage above the TgDavidson, P.; Sun, W.Q. 
1129-Mar-1999Enzyme-stabilizing activity of seed trypsin inhibitors during desiccationLam, J.-M.; Pwee, K.-H. ; Sun, W.Q. ; Chua, Y.-L.; Wang, X.-J.
12Mar-1997Glassy state and seed storage stability: The WLF kinetics of seed viability loss at T > T(g) and the plasticization effect of water on storage stabilitySun, W.Q. 
131-Mar-2003Mechanisms of seed ageing under different storage conditions for Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek: Lipid peroxidation, sugar hydrolysis, Maillard reactions and their relationship to glass state transitionMurthy, U.M.N.; Kumar, P.P. ; Sun, W.Q. 
142002Non-enzymatic protein modification by the Maillard reaction reduces the activities of scavenging enzymes in Vigna radiataMurthy, U.M.N.; Liang, Y.; Kumar, P.P. ; Sun, W.Q. 
15Jan-1999Preferential accumulation of D-pinitol in Acrostichum aureum gametophytes in response to salt stressSun, W.Q. ; Li, X.-P.; Ong, B.-L. 
1616-Sep-1998Protein inactivation in amorphous sucrose and trehalose matrices: Effects of phase separation and crystallizationSun, W.Q. ; Davidson, P.
17Jul-2000Protein modification by Amadori and Maillard reactions during seed storage: Roles of sugar hydrolysis and lipid peroxidationMurthy, U.M.N.; Sun, W.Q. 
1816-Sep-1998Protein stability in the amorphous carbohydrate matrix: relevance to anhydrobiosisSun, W.Q. ; Davidson, P.; Chan, H.S.O. 
19Apr-1996Stability of dry liposomes in sugar glassesSun, W.Q. ; Leopold, A.C.; Crowe, L.M.; Crowe, J.H.
20Jun-1999State and phase transition behaviors of Quercus rubra seed axes and cotyledonary tissues: Relevance to the desiccation sensitivity and cryopreservation of recalcitrant seedsSun, W.Q.