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Ong Bee Lian
(not current staff)
Ong, B.-L.
Bee-Lian Ong
Ong, B.L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11997A method of DNA isolation from epiphytic CAM ferns for use in random amplified polymorphic DNA analysisLim, S.H. ; Looi, L.K.C.; Ong, B.L. ; Wee, Y.C. 
21-Jan-2003Contrasting effects of submergence in light and dark on pyruvate decarboxylase activity in roots of rice lines differing in submergence toleranceMohanty, B.; Ong, B.-L. 
32003Effect of radiation quality on growth and photosynthesis of Acacia mangium seedlingsYu, H.; Ong, B.-L. 
4Mar-2000Effect of varying CO2 and light levels on growth of Hedyotis and sugarcane shoot culturesTay, B.-S.; Ong, B.-L. ; Kumar, P.P. 
51998Effects of CO2 on growth and photosynthesis of Pyrrosia piloselloides (L.) price gametophytesOng, B.-L. ; Koh, C.K.-K.; Wee, Y.-C. 
61992Effects of desiccation and illumination on photosynthesis and pigmentation of an edaphic population of Trentepohlia odorata (Chlorophyta)Bee-Lian Ong ; Melin Lim; Yeow-Chin Wee 
71999Effects of inorganic nitrogen availability on the sporophytes of Acrostichum aureum L.Pillai, R.S.; Ong, B.-L. 
8Apr-1989In situ studies of crassulacean acid metobolism in Drymoglossum piloselloides, an epiphytic fern of the humid tropicsKluge, M.; Friemert, V.; Ong, B.L. ; Brulfert, J.; Goh, C.J. 
91998Morphological and molecular variations in the epiphytic CAM fern Pyrrosia piloselloidesOng, B.-L. ; Lim, S.-H. ; Looi, L.K.-C.
108-Oct-2000Photosynthesis and antioxidant enzymes of phyllodes of Acacia mangiumYu, H.; Ong, B.-L. 
111997Photosynthesis of herbaceous plants from nutrient-poor tropical forestsOng, B.-L. ; Chan, S.-S.; Turner, I.M. 
122019Plant Traits for Phytoremediation in the TropicsChen, X.C. ; Huang, L. ; Chang, T.H.A. ; Ong, B.L. ; Ong, S.L. ; Hu, J. 
13Jan-1999Preferential accumulation of D-pinitol in Acrostichum aureum gametophytes in response to salt stressSun, W.Q. ; Li, X.-P.; Ong, B.-L. 
14Aug-1989Recycling of respiratory CO2 during Crassulacean acid metabolism: alleviation of photoinhibition in Pyrrosia piloselloidesGriffiths, H.; Ong, B.L. ; Avadhani, P.N. ; Goh, C.J. 
151997Reduction of CAM by abscisic acid and benzyladenine in the epiphytic fern, Pyrrosia piloselloides (L.) PriceOng, B.-L. ; Ramli, R.; Wee, Y.-C. 
161998Regeneration of drought-stressed gametophytes of the epiphytic fern, Pyrrosia pilosellodes (L.) PriceOng, B.-L. ; Ng, M.-L.
1710-Dec-2008Regulation of flower development in Dendrobium crumenatum by changes in carbohydrate contents, water status and cell wall metabolismYap, Y.-M.; Loh, C.-S. ; Ong, B.-L. 
181997Relationship between fern development and CAM in Pyrrosia piloselloides (L.) PriceOng, B.-L. ; Koh, C.K.-K.; Wee, Y.-C. 
191-Feb-2014Remediation of nutrient-rich waters using the terrestrial plant, Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb.HAN, P. ; Kumar, P. ; Ong, B.-L. 
202001Responses of Acacia mangium seedlings to different irradiancesYu, H.; Ong, B.-L.